Shluchim’s kids ‘hookup’ for Chof Daled Teves

In honor of the Yortzeit of the Alter Rebbe, home schooled Yaldei Hashluchim around the world enjoyed playing a special ‘phone game’, designed and hosted by the Homeschool Department at The Shluchim Office. An international conference call united young Shluchim from over 40 cities.

After a short roll-call, the children learned about Chof Daled Teves and then played “Chof Daled Teves Bingo”.

The children were very enthusiastic. For most of them, it is the date they looked forward to on their calendars. It is not every day that they get this sort of ‘classroom’ experience. Parents said they were looking forward to other upcoming events. As well as being educational and fun, they feel it helps keep their children’s hiskashrus strong and gives them a sense of belonging to a larger whole. “You have no idea what chayyus you are giving our children”, said one Shliach, “thank you for organizing such a beautiful event.”

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A Farbrengen, and a Stone

29 Years ago today, a Mitzvah Tank full with 13 Bochurim were on their way home from doing Mivtzoim in Manhattan, they crossed the Williamsburg Bridge and headed back to Crown Heights trough Lee Avenue, when they reached Rodney Street. They were attacked my a large mob of Chasidishe Jews, their tires were slashed, and they were barred from making their way home, all the while getting yelled at and cursed, in the middle of which a massive stone came through the windshield of the Mitzvah Tank and landed very close to one of the Bochurim.

Then, after asking two Rabinom they were told that they need to Bentch Gomel, since they were in great danger. Ever since that a Farbrengen takes place on this day in R. Nagel’s house.

The original article of the story was printed in the Algemainer Journal in Yiddish. You can see the article in the Extended Article, along with a rough translation, and pictures of the Farbrengen.

State of Terror

R. Shea Hecht

One can usually tell what someone thinks from their speech and their actions – and sometimes from their silence. As far as one can tell, the USA is against terrorism. What they say and their behaviors lead us to think that given the chance the USA would eradicate terror from the face of this earth.

A bi-Partisan USA is fighting terrorism in Iraq. They are fighting terror in Afghanistan. Americans are on an all-out search for bin Laden. We now know, that even before 9/11, the USA government has used sweeping powers to listen to phone conversations, read e-mail and tail people who they feel might lead to terrorist activity. Much as in the fight against communism so many years ago, the USA has sent the world a message: We are against terrorism. We will fight it. We will help all who need help to fight it.

Judge says rabbi can continue home services

The Gainesville Sun

An Orlando rabbi held a celebratory prayer meeting at his house Monday after winning a court battle over neighbors who complained the meetings caused traffic congestion.

The judge ruled last week that Rabbi Joseph Konikov could continue services at his home despite a county policy prohibiting such gatherings.

“My grandfather ran away from communist Russia for doing the exact same thing we were doing, praying in his home. It was chilling,” Konikov said. “But we had faith in our Constitution and in our Torah and the Bible and we know in our country we’re allowed to practice our religions freely.”