The ‘Pesach Saga’ in Nepal

Osher Litzman – COL.ORG.IL

Despite all grave news reports regarding the overturned crate filled with expected holiday provisions, and the inevitable results of a low grade Seder in Nepal, Pesach was celebrated in Katmandu with all pomp and festivity. The hundreds of backpackers arriving at Beis Chabad enjoyed an array of activities including Kinusei Torah by the shliach, Rabbi Chezki Lifshitz, joyful Chassidic dances accompanied by Beis Chabad’s orchestra on Beis Chabad’s events grounds.

The products, which arrived too late from the container, were exploited to establish a mini kosher-for-Pesach supermarket that ensured many of the backpackers a kosher–for-Pesach vacation on the Himalaya Mountains. Aside of this, the Beis Chabad’s restaurant provided excellent Pesach meals throughout Chol Hamoed.

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PRINCIPAL – Cheder, Melbourne Australia

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Seudas Moshiach in 770

Rabbi Binyomin Klein, Secratery of the Rebbe

The widely attended Seudas Moshiach in the central 770 in New York was addressed by Mashpiim and Rabbonim, featuring inspiring niggunim of the Rebbeim and continued till after Yom Tov.

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Chabadniks Swarm New York Streets

Thousands of Anash and temimim of Crown Heights started out of 770 for the ‘Tahalucha’s on the last day of Pesach in order to bring the message and joy of the holiday via the Seudos Moshiach to shuls throughout the city. The procession spread out in various directions to shuls in Borough Park, Flatbush, Canarsie, Seagate, Howard Beach, and the East Side.