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Further Updates On NCFJE Kaparos

NCFJE has announced further important changes to this year’s Kaporos services in order to accommodate the need for social distancing amidst an uptick of Coronavirus cases in New York City.

1. Online ticket sales (previously available only for the $5 discounted Kaparos on Thursday, Sept. 24) are now available for the full-price Kaporos on motzie Shabbos as well. Buy online at NCFJE.org/Kaporos

2. Kaporos will be available for home delivery on motzie Shabbos (only) at the rate of $20 per chicken. Home delivery can be ordered through our new google form here. Payment is made in cash upon delivery.

3. The NCFJE has asked that everyone try to use the Beis Rivkah location, which is much better suited for social distancing, and only to use the Eastern Parkway location if absolutely necessary.

The Kaporos ritual dates back to the times of the Gaonim, and is observed in communities around the world. Executive Vice President of the NCFJE, Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda “JJ” Hecht OBM, revived the observance of kapparos in the early 1970s, with the encouragement of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. The Rebbe would often ask after details of Kaporos operations, including the number of birds sold, the expenses involved, shechita and the names of those who took part.