Another Gun Taken Off The Streets Of Crown Heights

The 71st police precinct, which covers a majority of Crown Heights, has announced the seizure of another illegal firearm taken off the streets. This is the fifth gun that was reported to have been taken off the streets of the 71st precinct this month.

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Video of the Day

A Crown Heights porch thief got fancy while on a package theft spree in the community. The thief hit a home on Lincoln Pl using not the usual black garbage bag, but rather a purple laundry bag. Like they say, innovation is the key to success.

Six New NYPD Cadets To Ride Along In Crown Heights

Six new cadet officers have joined the 71st Precinct as they hone their skills for the streets of New York City. The six grey shirted cadets will be learning from the best in the 71st precinct before they make their way back to the academy to complete their training.

Utica Ave. Subway Extension Dream Gets a Brooklyn Boost

The push to extend subway service along busy Utica Avenue in Brooklyn — mused about for more than a century — is now running on two tracks. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams plans to gather a transit task force of residents and community representatives who live near the Utica Avenue corridor to explore potential mass transit upgrades.

Each One, Beseech One To Reach One And [T]each One

Say there was a place that nurtured and inspired EACH ONE of your children to be the best they could be. Say that place, due to its essential need, was packed beyond capacity. And say that place had the opportunity to purchase the space next door. Would not EACH ONE help that place in any way he or she can? Would not EACH ONE give a few dollars to help that place purchase the adjacent building?