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Mayanot Online Learning Program

Zoom Around the World With ULY

In an exciting new program, United Lubavitcher Yeshiva will be hosting Shluchim from around the world every Monday and Wednesday. Every 30-minute program will visit another country. The participants will meet 3 Shluchim families from that day’s country.

REPLAY: Motzei Shabbos Achdus Farbrengen

Baruch Hashem we had over 600 people on the Zoom Achdus Melava Malka Farbrengen, and I’m being told that hundreds more watched it live via other links. Many thanks to each of the speakers who inspired, gave Chizuk and practical suggestions for increased Achdus and to prepare for Kabalas HaTorah.

Important Message from The NYPD

The NYPD’s 71st Precinct has an important message for the Crown Heights Jewish community. Although synagogues in New York City are able to open, if you find them locked, please go home to pray at a porch Minyan.

Video of the Day

“If it’s not bolted down, they’ll steal it.” It’s a sad story, but a reality in Crown Heights. A young boy found this out after leaving his bike unattended outside the Kol Tuv Supermarket Thursday. The thief made off with the bike, but later dumped it after Shomrim volunteers tracked him down. The bike was recovered, and returned to its owner.

Op-Ed: A Public Plea For Help

A group of parents that have a child that is engaged to get married or has already gotten married, found themselves stonewalled by a Crown Heights Wedding Hall, and have turned to the community with a plea for help.