Video of the Day

We all wish we had these guys choreographed moves for our next simcha, but what I want to know is  what are they practicing for? A live show at the 2nd Tenathon Live, or a new music video?

8:00pm: How Much Should One Invest in Lottery Tickets?

The topics in this week’s 375th episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: How Much Should One Invest in Lottery Tickets? Why Would a Benevolent G-d Ask Abraham to Kill His Son? And Why Did Abraham Comply Without Question? Is the Forecasted Huge Solar Storm Perhaps a Sign of the Sun Being Removed From Its Shield After Moshiach Comes? Is There a Guaranteed Segulah That Works in Order to Become Wealthy? What Should Our Attitude Be Toward Gambling? How Do We Distinguish Between Taliban Fundamentalism and L’Havdil the “Fundamentalism” Described in the Torah?

Keren Hashana, The Rebbe’s Daily Fund

The Rebbe shared his devotion to the mitzvah of Tzedaka with all of us by founding the Keren Hashana charity fund, which would guarantee that the donors perform the mitzvah of giving to tzedakah every single day of the year.