Paris Farbrengs For Chof Beis Shvat

The Chabad community of Paris came together for a grand Chof Beis Shvat Farbrengen. The Farbrengen was hosted at the Beis Chaya Mushka school in Paris, with Rabbonim Rabbi Binyomin Margi and Rabbi Chaim Nussboum.

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A Single Mother Needs Your Help

Dear Achenu Bnei Yisroel, I am reaching out to all of you for financial help I am a single parent work very hard at many jobs to try and make ends meet and literally struggle day by day minute to minute to make ends meet.

My teenage child is undergoing a serious crisis related to mental health issues which is a matter of “Pikuach Nefesh” – Life and Death this has turned my life upside down as u can imagine the amount of financial resources that it will take to Bezras Hashem heal my child will be astronomical.

I ask and beg of all of you to do whatever you can to financially help me give my child a fighting chance to Bezras hashem heal and get back on a healthy and positive track.

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In the Zchus of the great Mitzvah of Tzedaka and Ahavas Yisroel may Hashem Bless all of you with all that you need and want an abundance of Nachas,Parnosso,Health and Good Besuros and the Ultimate Blessing the arrival of our Righteous Moshiach and the rebuilding of the Third Beis Hamikdash Speedily in our days, Wishing you and your family all of Hashem’s blessings for good in all aspects.

Thank you for listening and helping me and my child.

With much appreciation and love for your kindness and caring.

A Single Parent

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Tanya Makup Artist

Iceland Welcomes Its First Native-Born Torah Scroll

History was made in Iceland as celebrants danced down the streets of Reykjavik Feb. 16, to mark the first-ever completion and inauguration of a Torah scroll on the European island, following a reception last Thursday at the home of the U.S. Ambassador to Iceland.

Torah To Be Written In Memory of Yossi Bialo OBM

Rabbi Yossi Bialo, who tragically passed away at the young age of 34, was the Kosher supervisor at Menorah Park, an old age home in Beachwood, Ohio. He was responsible for four of the Orthodox Jewish nursing home’s kitchens and made sure that hundreds of Jews can eat kosher at the highest standards. His friends and community are asking for everyone to please help and dedicate a part in his Torah.

8:00pm: What Did the Rebbetzin Say to the Rebbe That Convinced Him to Officially Accept the Nesiyus?

The topics in this week’s 296th episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: What Role Does the Rebbetzin Play in Our Lives? What Did the Rebbetzin Say to the Rebbe That Convinced Him to Officially Accept the Nesiyus? Did People Notice a Change in the Rebbe After the Rebbetzin Passed Away? Did Anyone Suggest to the Rebbe the Idea of Delegation as Yisro Suggested to Moshe? Why Do We Have a Custom to Eat Buckwheat on Shabbos Shira? What Bracha Did We Make Before Eating Manna in the Desert?