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Are you happy, motivated and really like children?

A Long Island Hebrew School is looking to hire a Hebrew school director. Are you the right fit?

We are conveniently located in Long Island, the commute gets you out of Brooklyn and it’s not too far.

Our school is growing and you can play a big role in the education of many children and their families.

The pay is competitive.

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Two IDF Soldiers Rammed by Car Near Chevron

Two IDF soldiers were injured when a Palestinian driver rammed into a group of IDF soldiers Tuesday on Route 60 near the village of Bet Anoun south of Hebron. They were treated on the spot and evacuated to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Hungarian PM Vows to Protect Jewish Rituals

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban vowed to protect religious freedoms in his country during a talk with local Chabad rabbis at the opening of a large kosher slaughterhouse.

Greenfield Quits City Council to Lead Charity

David Greenfield, a long term city council member who has been a vocal advocate for the Jewish community, is leaving public office to take over the reins at the Met Council, a major Jewish charitable organization.

Shluchim Help Evacuate Body of Young Accident Victim

The body of 12-year old Israeli girl Nicole Surkin, killed in a driving accident in Khabarovsk in the Far-East of Russia yesterday, will be flown to its final resting place in Israel tomorrow morning. Chabad rabbis and community leaders of Khabarovsk and Birobidjan were called upon to help speed up the process of recovering the body from the Russian police, and to facilitate its transfer to Israel.

Startup Aims to End Children Dying in Hot Cars

Could a responsible parent actually forget their child in an overheated car? Just mentioning it turns stomachs. The answer is: absolutely, and preventing it from happening is the mission of Angel, an intelligent and affordable car seat sensor recently launched by Sharkk, a company founded by young Lubavitcher entrepreneurs.

Shechita Banned in Antwerp

The northern Belgium region of Flanders’ parliament unanimously passed a resolution banning ritual slaughter without stunning, rendering Halachically kosher meat illegal to produce. The region is home to the European continent’s largest Orthodox-Jewish population, concentrated in Antwerp.