There’s a New Rabbi in Town

Novato Patch

Rabbi Menachem Landa puts tefillin on a Jewish guest at his Chabad House in Novato, northern California.

For the past eight weeks, a young man with a white shirt, sport jacket, wide-brimmed black hat and long beard has been knocking on doors all over Novato. He’s not selling anything. He would just like to be your friend.

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Eber’s Yom Tov Wine Sales!

Blog: The Painter of Crown Heights

One thing is certain about Robert Feinland – he has shuls on his mind. His career has spanned over 40 years, exploring landscape, cityscape, sculpture and abstraction. For many of those years he has focused on the relentlessly changing urban landscape of New York, feeling the necessity to document and, in some way preserve, the physical fabric of the city he loves. A selection of recent paintings, most concentrating on the Crown Heights community, is currently at the Chassidic Art Institute. Many of the images are of shuls.

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Dr. Rosens Pediatric Office Open on Yom Kippur

ER Medical P.C.
864 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11213
Tel: 718-735-6002

Dear Patients,

Good News!

We wish to advise our patients that for your convenience the Pediatric Office on Eastern Parkway will be open on Wednesday, September 19th (Yom Kippur) from 12:00pm to 6:00pm, for walk-in urgent care.


This is for pediatric patients under the age of 21, ONLY.

Wishing you and your family a Gut Yom Tov!
Dr. E Rosen & Associates

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Zarchi’s Esrogim on Kingston Avenue!

Chinuch Expert to Lead Early Childhood Workshop

Left: Rivkah Levitin. Right: DOLCE center in Norwalk, VA.

Rivkah Levitin, director of the Crown Multi Educational Services program, will direct and lead the Early Childhood section at the annual Kinus HaMechanchos to be held at the DOLCE, Norwalk conference center on the 12th and 13th of Tammuz, the 2nd and 3rd of July.

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Elderly Woman Killed in Utica Avenue Accident

Police say a woman riding a mobility scooter has been fatally struck by a car in Brooklyn. The accident happened at around 1:00am on Wednesday at Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue.

Four Black Girls on Quest to Understand Lubavitchers

Selena Brown, Chantell Clarke, Sabrina Smith and Tangeneka Taylor.

Four teenage girls, all new immigrants from the Caribbean, arrive at a high school in the heart of what was the epicenter of the Crown Heights riots 20 years ago. As newcomers they know nothing of the long history of tension between the Black and Lubavitch Jewish communities in the neighborhood. They set out to try to educate themselves about a culture so different from their own, in the midst of stereotypes and misinformation about Jewish people.

Our Heroes: Rabbi Dov Ber Junik (1927-2005)

by Rabbi Michoel Seligson

Rabbi Duber Junik, fondly referred to by Anash as Reb Berel, was born in Parluki, Russia in 1927 on the 6th of Menachem Av to Horav Naftoli and Mrs. Golda Ita Junik, descendents of the holy Rabbonim, Reb Levi Yitzchok of Berditshev, Reb Pinchos of Koritz and Reb Menachem Nochum of Chernobel. Under the influence of the Rav of the city, HoRav Hillel Solozuvski, Reb Naftoli became acquainted with Chabad Chassidus. Reb Naftoli was a Yireh Shomayim and did not send his children to government schools but brought them up with mesiras nefesh in an underground cheder.