Weekly Letter: The Rebbe on “Yom Haatzma’ut”

In this weeks letter The Rebbe responds to a question about Chabad’s involvement in various matters, where the Rebbe refers specifically to Chabad’s involvement in Zahal (Israeli Army). Which leads the Rebbe to discuss and encourage the strengthening of the security in our Holy Land, by opposing the surrender of any part of our land. The letter, written originally in English, is from the archives of the Rebbe’s trusted secretary Rabbi Nissan Mindel.

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Weekly Story: The Bear That Davened

Moshe considered himself very fortunate. The local Poritz (squire) had hired him to manage all of his estates. Not only would his personal financial stability improve, but as the manager, he would now be in a position to hire and help many other Jews in the community. They would no longer have to bribe the officials in order to lease an inn or to acquire any other license.

Judge Says Township Broke Law in Chabad Denial

A federal district just faulted the Township of Toms River, saying they broke the law in denying a religious use variance to Chabad of Toms River, granting the center permission to operate in the residential home and awarded them a judgment against the township for $122,000.

Scaramucci Talks Faith and Judaism with Shliach

Anthony Scaramucci is an American financier, entrepreneur, and former White House Communications Director. In is private life he is a man of religious faith and a supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. After meeting a few months ago at an event, “The Mooch” sat down with Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, a Shliach in south Florida, to discuss his convictions. Video link of the interview below.

Here’s My Story: The Cincinnati Rebbetzin

When the Rebbe introduced the idea of starting women’s learning classes in 1955, Mrs. Reba Sharfstein, then a newlywed and newly minted Shluchim in Ohio, didn’t consider herself ready to be one of those teachers. Through the urging of another Shliach she launched the first “Women’s Study Group” with just three participants.