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Eber’s Purim Specials!
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DEADLINE EXTENDED for Achdus Baskets

purim-ppOholei Torah PTA is offering the Achdus Basket Project. Through our project, you can send your neighbors and relatives a beautiful Shalach Monos that we pack and deliver for you, so that you can enjoy a “hassle free” Purim.

For $5 a name, you don’t want to leave anyone out!

A directory is included for your convenience.
Place your orders at

Or for more information please call:
Sara Popack (718) 735-2484, Shuffi Telsner (718) 774-2778, Aida Junik (718) 953-3197

We are also offering a variety of beautifully arranged Shalach Monos baskets ranging in price from $7 to $95
Place your orders at ​

Or for more information please call:
Chani Neubort (917) 428-8553, Esther Rivka Telsner (718) 774-1301, Aida Junik (718) 953-3197

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Hadar Hatorah Annual Purim Raffle

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Letter & Spirit: Is the Hereditary Kehunah Undemocratic?

In this week’s edition of Letter & Spirit, in honor of Parshas Tetzaveh, we present a letter from the Rebbe in which he comments on an article which discusses the seeming inconsistency between “the otherwise democratic orientation of Judaism” and the fact that there exists a hereditary aristocracy in the persons of the Kohanim and Levyim. The letter was written through the Rebbe’s trusted secretary Rabbi Nissan Mindel, and was made available by the latter’s son-in-law, Rabbi Sholom Ber Shapiro.

Dramatic Chabad Growth in South Florida Latest Sign of 75-Year ‘American Jewish Revolution’

It has been 75 years since the sixth Lubavitcher RebbeRabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, of righteous memory, a refugee from Communist Russia, Nazi Germany and war-torn Europe—arrived on America’s shores in 1940, on 9 Adar, 5700, which corresponds this year to Feb. 28, 2015. And in that time, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement has developed into a vibrant presence in Jewish communities around the nation and the world, with the most dramatic recent growth taking place among young families.