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New Engagement!

Binyomin Adelman (Amherst, MA) and Chavie (bas Mordechai) Eckhaus (Crown Heights)

Lechaim Tuesday at 481 Albany Ave. [between Empire Blvd. and Lefferts Ave.]

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84 Years Later: Rebbe’s Vision for ‘Complete Tanya’ Begins to Materialize

Chabad Chasidim and students of Tanya are rejoicing this week with the release of the first chapter (19) of The Complete Tanya. This new edition of Tanya, published by the Kehot Publication Society, presents the Tanya text surrounded by three elements: a concise commentary by the Rebbe, references and glossaries, and an anthology of commentaries by the Rebbes of Chabad.

Bnei Akiva Buys Foreclosed ‘Running Springs’

LA Jewish Journal

After sitting dormant for nearly three years following a foreclosure and a lengthy lawsuit between Chabad of California—the previous owner—and Pacific Mercantile Bank, a 78-acre campground and resort center in Running Springs named ‘Kiryas Schneerson’ was sold Friday for $7.1 million to a different Orthodox Jewish group, Bnei Akiva of Los Angeles.

NYPD Beats Borough Park Shomrim at Baseball Game

On Wednesday night, September 10th, the Borough Park Shomrim faced off against the NYPD’s 66th Precinct at the fifth annual Greenfield Classic community softball game.  Both teams played a great game, and the score was close throughout the seven innings.  At the end the NYPD pulled through to a victory, defeating the Shomrim players 10 to 7.

Letter: Our Miraculous Wedding

The following letter was sent to by Refael and Sarah (nee Procaccia) Cohen, whose wedding – set to take place Thursday night, September 4th – had to be rescheduled for Friday morning after the groom was denied entry into the United States and sent back to Brazil by Customs and Border Protection. As promised, the full story of their ordeal and ultimate triumph are presented to our readers.