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Chabad House in Latin America Seeking Bochurim for Tishrei

A Chabad House in Latin America is looking for 2 Bochurim to help for Tishrei, beginning before Rosh Hashana until after Simchas Torah

for more details please contact

3 Chabad Campus Rabbis Have Led 100 Birthright Trips

Arutz 7

Three Chabad Rabbis from Delaware, Illinois, and California, hold the record for the most Taglit-Birthright trips led, with an astonishing 100+ trips between them. The rabbis, who are all in their 50s, describe the trips as energizing experiences and have no plans of slowing down.

Handwriting Analyst to Present Workshop

In honor of Rosh Hashana, and the season of introspection it heralds, The Beis Medrash Women’s Circle of Crown Heights will be hosting noted graphologist Yaakov Rosenthal, who is well-respected for his work exploring the intricate ways that handwriting reflects the personality and mind of its creator.

Op-Ed: Protecting the Religious Liberty of Yeshivas

Writing for the New York Post, Crown Heights lawyer and activist Eli Federman and Jason Bedrick of the libertarian think tank The Cato Institute make the case that the efforts of activists petitioning the government to force Orthodox-Jewish schools to teach secular subjects are misguided, against the spirit of American religious liberty, and bound to fail.

Minister Reiterates Opposition to 2-State Solution

A delegation of The Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP) met with Israeli Science Minister Ofir Okinus this week and presented him with the popular Psak Halacha (Halachic verdict) signed by leading rabbis in Israel and abroad forbidding the surrender of even one inch of land currently under Israeli control because it will lead to bloodshed and instability in the region. This Halachic verdict which was first issued in 1993 carries the signature of hundreds of rabbis living then and rabbis living today with additional signatures added from year to year.

Op-Ed: Tuition Sticker Shock

by Anonymous Parent

Here we are again, schools begin. It’s that time of the year when you’ve hopefully paid (or at least made arrangements for) tuition so your child can begin a new year of learning and growing.

Parents Protest Chabad School’s Inclusion of Ethiopian Children

The summer break is over in Israel. Today, Tuesday, marks the start of the school year in nearly all schools and kindergartens in the country, catering to 2,191,004 students. However, one Chabad Kindergarten in the country is facing a strike by several dozen parents, who oppose the school’s decision to accept children of Ethiopian descent.