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Premium Post:
Make the Smart Move to Pomona, NY!

69 Pomona Road $589,000
75 Halley Drive $600,000
29 White Birch Drive $589,000
31 White Birch Drive $499,000
27 South Ridge $699,000
46 Halley Drive $499,000
64 Halley Drive $600,000
30 Anderson Road $469,999
345 Call Hollow Road $419,000
14 Cherry Lane $369,900
12 Carteret Drive $474,900

For further info on other Pomona properties call Goldie!

Gilda “Goldie” Netz
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268 South Main St. | New City, NY 10956
Office: (845) 634-4202

Cell: (845)

Music Video: Celebrate

This new song from Jewish music star duo 8th Day, titled ‘Celebrate,’ will have you on your feet dancing and singing joyously along. It was released just in time for Lag Ba’omer, when the custom to refrain from listening to music during Sefirah is put on hold.


Getting Ready for Lag Ba’omer in Every Israeli City and Town

There is a special hum that begins to vibrate throughout the Land of Israel in the days preceding Lag BaOmer. In each big city and small village, in every neighborhood and street, boys can be seen toting wood to gather into piles for the bonfires they will be lighting, while girls get their outfits ready for the big parade.

Besht Opens Weekly Kollel for All Ages

For many of us, spending quality time learning, let alone learning in a yeshiva or kolel, is an unattainable dream. We often crave the ability to incorporate more Torah learning and inspiration into our busy lives, but have resigned ourselves to the fact that this is something from the past.