Video: Overcoming Evil Inclination

Rabbi Yitzchok Minkowicz, director of Chabad Lubavitch of Southwest Florida, delivers his insights on this week’s Parsha – Ki Seitzei. This week Rabbi Minkowicz answers the question: How can we succeed in overcoming our evil inclinations? A bonus video on the meaning behind the blowing of the Shofar in the month of Elul is presented in the extended article.

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The Rebbe’s Call for Summertime Tznius: Be Independent of Surrounding Environment

“Every year before the summer, generally at the Yud Bais Tammuz Farbrengen, the Rebbe would speak about Tznius”, says Oholei Torah Mashpia Rabbi Michoel Seligson. At his suggestion, presents a new weekly feature for the summer months: a short thought of the Rebbe on tznius, as compiled by Rabbi Seligson.

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In Turbulent Ukraine, Shluchim Unite

For the Jews of Ukraine, this past year has been one of extreme turmoil. This challenging year has seen revolutions, war, and economic collapse. Through all the unrest and tension, Jews throughout Ukraine have reached to the shluchim for support, and the shluchim continue to provide for their needs – both practical and spiritual -  with devotion.

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Russians Accuse of Espionage, Deport Chabad Rabbi

Authorities in Russia have ordered the deportation of an Israeli-born Chabad rabbi who has led his congregation in a Siberian city for 13 years. Local news organizations report that the grounds for deportation could be espionage.

Photos: Mezuzos at Iran’s Doorstep

Twice a year, the Ledaiev brothers, members of the Lubavitch community in France, travel to far-flung places across the globe to help isolated Jews fulfill the Mitzvah of Mezuzah. This summer, the brothers traveled to Azerbaijan, a small country bordering Iran, and helped Jews there with their spiritual home protection systems.

Beis Rivkah to Remain Closed Indefinitely

A ‘robo-call just’ just went out to all parents of girls enrolled in Beis Rivkah for the coming school year, informing them that classes will not begin on the scheduled date for all grades – Pre-1A through 12th Grade. The message said that the school will remain closed until further notice.

Jews Who Fled Donetsk Are Again in Harm’s Way

Ukrainian Jews who fled to Mariupol to escape their country’s brutal civil war may have to uproot themselves again as the Ukrainian Army prepares to defend the southeastern coastal city, a local Chabad emissary told The Jerusalem Post.

An Impromptu Russian Bar Mitzvah – in Michigan

Young rabbinical students Yossi Rubashkin and Mendel Polter have been spending their summer vacation traveling through the U.S. state of Michigan, bringing the light of Judaism to the few isolated Jews in the state’s rural areas. The following story was told by them, which occurred while they were in the small city of Midland.

Monday: Parking Rules and Regulations in Crown Heights

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — Tomorrow, Labor Day Monday, hundreds of thousands will be attending the annual West Indian American Day Parade in Crown Heights. Celebrations begin Sunday evening and run through Monday night. has compiled all the info you need to know in order to navigate the gridlocked neighborhood.