Weekly Letter: Highlights on Mishpatim

This week, we present an article about Parshas Mishpatim from the Talks and Tales children’s monthly magazine, which Rabbi Nissan Mindel authored for close to 47 years, every single issue of which the Rebbe carefully checked before the magazine went to print each month.

Premium Post:


New Orleans Chabad Hosts Shabbos for 1100 Students

At a school where 27 percent of the student body is Jewish, Shabbat is no minor venue. Yet, despite the hundreds of students who show up to weekly dinners, Rabbi Leibel Lipskier decided to raise the bar: Shabbat 1000, a Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center-sponsored event, was held on Feb. 10 on the Newcomb Quadrangle. More than 1100 students were present.

M.A.S.K. Celebrates 20 Years of Saving Kids

M.A.S.K. , Mothers and Fathers Aligned Saving Children, celebrated its 20th Anniversary on Feb 12, at the new Bison & Bourbon on 7th Street in Brooklyn, hosted by Jay Buchsbaum.  N.Y.C.’s First Lady, Chirlane McCray, was the guest speaker.  Many community leaders and elected officials were in attendance, as well as many grateful parents.

BDS Actor’s Film Turned to Israel’s Advantage

A Hollywood actor’s BDS activism is producing a donation to a nonprofit organization battling the boycott movement on college campuses, thanks to an Atlanta Lubavitcher on whose property the actor is filming his latest movie.

Video: Bibi Recalls What Rebbe Told Him

This morning during a visit to the Central Synagogue in Sydney, Australia, Rabbi Levi Wolff presented Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a picture of him with the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Bibi then proudly showed it to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and recalled what the Rebbe had said to him.

New Montana Gemach in Memory of Zayde Shimon

A campaign has been launched to create Montana’s first Gemach, providing interest-free loans to Jews throughout Big Sky Country.  The Gemach is being dedicated in loving memory of legendary Crown Heights activist Rabbi Shimon Goldman, OBM, who recently passed away, and who, together with his wife Mrs. Esther Goldman, spent over forty years overseeing Gemilas Chessed Shomrei Shabbos in the community.

Please Say Tehillim for…

Please take a moment and say a Kapital Tehillim for a speedy and complete recovery for Chaya rochel Devorah bas Leah, the mother of a newborn baby and four other children, who is fighting for her life.