Scaramucci Talks Faith and Judaism with Shliach

Anthony Scaramucci is an American financier, entrepreneur, and former White House Communications Director. In is private life he is a man of religious faith and a supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. After meeting a few months ago at an event, “The Mooch” sat down with Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, a Shliach in south Florida, to discuss his convictions. Video link of the interview below.

Here’s My Story: The Cincinnati Rebbetzin

When the Rebbe introduced the idea of starting women’s learning classes in 1955, Mrs. Reba Sharfstein, then a newlywed and newly minted Shluchim in Ohio, didn’t consider herself ready to be one of those teachers. Through the urging of another Shliach she launched the first “Women’s Study Group” with just three participants.

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Torahs Menachem Sale Returns for a 3rd Time

The amazing sale, where one can purchase the full current set of Toras Menachem, 60 volumes of the Rebbe’s Torah from the first two decades of the Nesius (1950-1970), is back for a third, and last, time. Ten days only with option of shipping in Israel and the US. Shul’s Kolels, Yeshivos and Camps have a unique opportunity to enrich their library with the Rebbe’s holy words.

A Kangaroo Crash and a Rare Rabbi-Sighting in the Outback

Cootamundra, population 6,700. I had been driving for six hours on behalf of Chabad of Rural and Regional Australia, or RARA, northbound along the seemingly endless Hume Highway, stretching the vast distance of Australia’s east coast. I was headed to Wollongong, just one of eleven locations where regional Seders would be taking place, a coastal paradise famed for its beautiful beaches and warm climate. But now I was taking an hour detour off the Hume Highway to visit the only Jewish family living in Cootamundra.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Elias Friedman, 48, OBM

With great sadness and deep pain we inform you of the tragic and untimely passing of R’ Eliyahu Matisyahu (Elias) Friedman OBM, a young father who passed away suddenly last night from a heart attack. He was 48 years old.

She Was a Quiet Bastion of Kindness and Chassidic Warmth

She lived on the upper floor of a modest two-family-home on the rough-and-tumble outskirts of the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn. Yet, to the hundreds of people who streamed through its blue-painted door, Alessa Wircberg’s home was a bastion of acceptance, Chassidic warmth, guidance, support, and love. She passed away Friday at the age of 66.