Newly Publicized: The Rebbe Sells Chomets


A rare video strip has been released by JEM, of the Bedikas Chomets night in 5748, the year of the Rebbetzin’s passing.
The Rebbe is seen after Maariv in the large room on the first floor of his home, and after Maariv the Rebbe turns to the inner room where the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Pikarski, ob’m presents him with the ‘sale of chomets’ bill. The Rebbe puts on his glasses, engrosses in reading the document and then signs it.

200 @ Maple Street Shul annual Melava Malka

By Yitzchok Wagshul – Crown Heights Chronicle

The annual melave malka of Congregation Ahavas Moische, better known as the Maple Street Shul, was held last Motzoei Shabbos, April 9 at the shul.

Because it is situated on what, until recently, had been the southernmost border of our neighborhood, the Maple Street Shul has long been considered a “community shul,” rather than merely of significance to local mispallelim. Its annual melave malka is traditionally attended by a wide spectrum of residents from all areas of Crown Heights.

The event drew around 200 people throughout the evening, including the Rov and Mara D’Asra, Rabbi Aharon Yaakov Schwei shlita, and the internationally noted activist and lecturer Rabbi Dovid Hollander shlita.

Rav Schwei reminisced about the fact that in his youth, the Maple Street shul was “his shul,” because he used to regularly review a maamar of Chassidus there for the congregants. He expressed great satisfaction at the growth that portion of the neighborhood is experiencing B”H, and urged that more homes in the area be purchased, so that before long, there will again be many shuls there, a mikveh, and so on.

Rabbi Hollander spoke movingly about Jewish issues and the need to stand firm in support of the Torah way of life. Referring to the current crisis the Maple Street Shul is undergoing, arising from the collapse of its retaining wall and the need to raise funds for its repair, Rabbi Hollander likened the shul itself, which has remained steadfast at the border and never let up in its activities, to a retaining wall. It symbolizes the need of all of us to remain at our posts and faithfully guard the boundaries of the Torah outlook.

“The Maple Street Shul,” the Rabbi proclaimed, “is the ‘retaining wall’ of Am Yisroel.”

Contributions to the emergency repair campaign can be made payable to Congregation Ahavas Moische and sent to the shul’s president, Eli Blachman, at 682 Lefferts Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203.

Car Break-Ins On The Rise

Dear Community Members,

In recent weeks there have been a number of vehicles broken into, especially SUV’s.
A Hatzoloh member’s car got broken into and all his equipment was removed from the car.



Chabadnik Wins the 2005 Cantors World Cantorial Contest

Beryl Zucker was chosen as the winner by illustrious panel of judges that included, Cantor Joseph Malovany, Cantor Bentzion Miller, Cantor Yaakov Motzen, and Cantor Noach Schall.

Winner of the 2005 Cantors World Cantorial Talent Search, Berel Zucker Berel Zucker was born in Detroit in 1981. Berel’s father, a Lubavitcher Chassid and chazzan, instilled in Berel and his brothers the rich Chassidic legacy of neginah and chazzanus, and would often play the recordings of Yossele Rosenblatt, who Berel maintains had a major impact on him growing up. While still a child, Berel’s family made aliyah, settling in Jerusalem.

On shabbos, Berel and his father would walk to hear Chazzan Naftali Herstik and the choir of the Great Synagogue, and then walk to the Kosel (Western Wall) to hear Reb Shlomo Carlebach’s late Friday night davening. While still a child, Berel and his brothers officiated as a choir on the High Holidays, often accompanying their father. Berel also sang with other choirs in Jerusalem, often appearing as soloist on recordings.

As a teenager, Berel sang with bands for weddings and Simchas in and around Jerusalem, before returning to the United States to learn in the Lubavitcher Yeshiva at Chabad Headquarters in Brooklyn. Berel currently studies at the Belz School of Jewish Music, Yeshiva University, where his courses include Nusah, Music Theory, Voice and piano. He is also a member and featured soloist in the Belz School Choral Ensemble. Berel also sings with the choir of Young Israel Beth-El in Boro Park (Cantor Ben Zion Miller).

For the last ten years, Berel has officiated as Chazzan for shabbos and high holidays in communities all over the world. Berel will be joining other top cantors in an upcoming Cantors World concert.

Mazel tov, Berel!

Main Farbrengen Yud Aleph Nisan

Tuesday evening, Erev Yud Aleph Nisan, the Rebbe’s birthday, a big Chassidic farbrengen will take place at the Campus Chamesh building on Lefferts Ave. in Crown Heights lead by the Chairman of the International Agudas Chasidei Chabad, Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov.

Numerous Rabbis, Shluchim and Mashpiim from all over the world will attend together with hundreds of Temimim.

misspelled “Lubavitcher” got the student disqualified


An eighth-grader from Iowa made it all the way to the seventh round of the National Spelling Bee, before tripping over a “t.”

Jonathan Hahn, 14, of Central Community School in Elkader, misspelled “Lubavitcher.” The word that means “a member of a Hasidic sect” disqualified the student.

Exhibit of Photographs of the Rebbe on Display Yud Aleph Nisan

An exhibition of pictures of the Rebbe will be on display at the Chabad House of Gramacy Park on Yud Aleph Nisan. The pictures were taken by N.Y. Times photographer Mark Asnin. Asnin worked in the Sunday Times and wrote an article about the Rebbe describing him as the “Urim V’Tumim of Crown Heights.”

“What’s Your Opinion About the Disengagement?”
Being interviewed

In the coming weeks a special program on the disengagement plan, on the emotional bond between the Jew and his land, will be aired on several TV channels in the U.S. among them the Russian channel RTVI.

On Wednesday a TV crew arrived in 770 in Crown Heights and interviewed people saying “despite you living in the U.S. your opinion is of value to us.”

USHPIZIN – To Be Shown in N.Y. Chol Hamoed Pesach

Ushpizin, the much acclaimed Israeli Charedi film will now be playing in N.Y. on Chol Hamoed Pesach. It is a rare opportunity to experience the film that won the hearts of Charedim and non-religious audiences in Israel alike. It is an authentic look in the Chassidic life in Meah Shearim, Jerusalem.

Ushpizin is the first Charedi film in Israel that is not played on Shabbos and Yom Tov and has the approval of many leading orthodox rabbis in Israel. It has even won the Israeli Critics Award for best film of 2004 and Shuli Rand won an Academy award for best actor.

The film will be shown at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, 36 Battery Place during Chol Hamoed Pesach.

Tickets are available through the Tribeca Film Festival website or call 212-321-7400 or 866-941-FEST. Open from 10 AM – 6PM

Reserve your tickets now as availability is very limited. Call now.

Children’s Pan to be Broadcasted at Yud Aleph Nissan Rally


On the Rebbe’s birthday, 11th of Nissan, thousands of children of Chabad institutes in New York will gather in 770. Principals of the New York area and shluchim are kindly asked to transmit the lists of pa’ns (pidyon nefesh) written by children in their locations to the Tsivos Hashem organization. The rally, which will begin at 10:14 and end at 11:30, will be broadcasted live via telephone lines and the internet. This way, thousands of children will be able to participate virtually and will be able to hear the reading of the pa’n on the Ohel by one of the children.

The rally is arranged by the International Tsivos Hashem organization headed by Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson and coordinated with the NCFJE, directed by the Hecht brothers. You may download the pa’n form in the language of your choice: English, Yiddish, French and Hebrew. Please bring the signed pa’ns to the Tsivos Hashem office in the Children’s museum on 792 Eastern Parkway until Tuesday, at 5:00 p.m. If you are not able to submit the pa’ns personally, you are welcome to send them by fax to 718-467-8527

1 Pedestrian Killed In horrible car pileup

A woman was killed when a mini-school bus jumped the curb and pinned the woman against a building in Brooklyn. Five others were injured in the accident, which involved the school bus and two other vehicles.

The accident occurred right across the street from the Ocean Ave. Hatzalah garage. Dozens of Flatbush Hatzalah members responded to the call.

Police say the accident which was on Ocean Avenue and Avenue N, occurred when a minivan hit a woman who was crossing the street while the light was against her. She was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries.

A mini school bus rear-ended an SUV that was slowing down for the accident, and another car hit the school bus — pushing it onto the curb. When the school bus jumped the curb it hit another woman on the sidewalk, pinning her against a building. That woman died at the scene.

Police say four people were taken to Maimonides Hospital, and the bus driver was taken to Kings County Hospital. They are all listed in stable condition.

Although reports indicate that their was only one fatality, witness’s reported seeing at least four bodies R”L covered by white sheets from the medical examiner.

Today: Sefer Torah Dedication in Crown Heights

The Raksin family of Crown Heights is inviting all residents of the neighborhood and Temimim to take part in a Sefer Torah dedication tomorrow Thursday 5 Nisan on behalf of Rabbi Menachem Mendel and Chana and their family.

Conclusion of writing the letters will commence at 5 PM in their house 1410 Carroll St. and at 7 PM will proceed in a parade towards 770 where “hakofos” etc. will be held.

Mesivta Oholei Torah has fantastic Shabbaton

On Shabbos Parshas Shmini, Mesivta Oholei Torah, Hanholo and Bochurim totaling more than 120 people k”ah went on a Shabbaton to Saratoga Springs, NY.

The Bochurim were accompanied by the majority of the Hanholo, former camp, Yeshivas Kayitz head counselors and directors , as well as Rabbi Pesach Nussbaum from Montreal, Rabbi Zev Kadaner, and Rabbi Abba Rubin. (Shliach in Saratoga).

On the way they stopped off in the @ the Capital of New York State in Albany,

2 Simchas This Morning

This morning in 770 not only was there a Hanochas Tefillin in the Mizrach but right next to it a Bar Mizvah as well.

Water for Matzos

Click here to see the Rebbe drawing Mayim Shelanu in the front yard of 770 today.

Note the individual handing the hose to the Rebbe. Very thoughtful, young man. Very thoughtful.

Photo Essay on Crown Heights & Lubavitch wins 1st place in Pictures Of Year International competition

A photo essay by Carolyn Drake titled “The Lubavitch” has won an award in the Pictures of the Year International photojournalism competition. The essay, comprising 22 pictures from taken around Crown Heights, @ the Kinnus HaShluchim & Shluchos and the Ohel, won 1st place in the community awareness award category.

During the fall of 2003, while interning at National Geographic, Miss Drake spent about 6 weeks in Crown Heights. She then returned several times in early 2004 for a few days at a time.

The essay was printed in the June 2004 edition of Blueeyes Magazine a magazine-style website for photography ran her essay on their site.

When contacted for this story by SNS, Drake responded “I was very excited to hear I won the award and am very grateful to all the people in the Lubavitch community who welcomed me into their lives and enabled the project to happen. I would love to hear from anyone who has suggestions about other Lubavitch activities that ought to be photographed as I expand the project to other areas.”


SNS ED. Miss Drake can be contacted via e-mail @