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Emotional Reunion in Abu Dhabi: Survivors from Yemen Thank Chief Rabbi of Russia

An additional two Jewish families with small children were permitted to leave Yemen last week and reach safe shores in Abu Dhabi, where they joined the other Jewish families who have left in recent months with the aid of the Emirate government. The Emirate government has been following the bloody civil war in Yemen and has taken steps to save the Jewish families living there.

OK Kashrus Alert: The Nuttery

The OK Kashrus Organization has published an alert notifying the community of the  unauthorized use of the OK Kosher symbol. The alert surrounded “The Nuttery” a kosher candy and sweets store in Flatbush that which was under the OK Kashrus Certification until March 2nd, 2020.

Shazak Parsha Post – Parshas Vaeirah

Water Turns to Blood, Egyptian Star Magicians Outsmarted, Boiling Boils Baffles Bewildered Nation, Paraoh Denies Claims of Emancipation, and Licebusters. Shazak has released their weekly “Parsha Post For Parshas Shemos”, and has made it available for all here on

Urban Aeronautics to Provide Four Flying Ambulances to Hatzolah Air

Israel-based Urban Aeronautics has announced that it will provide four of its CityHawk vertical take-off and landing aircraft to Hatzolah Air, an American-based company that provides emergency medical service (EMS) applications, reported The news follows an initial agreement with Hatzolah AIr in August 2020 to develop, produce, and market the CityHawk aircraft.

Shazak Parsha Post – Parshas Vayechi

Patriarch’s Blessings Predict Future, Havoc at Funeral, Egyptian Leader & Hero Dies at 110, and Goshen Senior Living. Shazak has released their weekly “Parsha Post For Parshas Vayechi”, and have made it available for all here on

The Stem Cell Debate by Dr. Alan Kadish

Breakthroughs in stem cell research have caused much excitement about the vast potential of using embryonic stem cells to cure various diseases. But what are the moral implications of destroying these embryos in the process? What is the Jewish view? Should an embryo in a Petri dish be considered a life?

“B’yadayim Tovot” An A Team Production

Originally recorded by Benny Friedman on his album Kulanu Nelech, this gorgeous song was covered by the A-Team Orchestra Featuring Moshe Tischler and The Shira Choir. The song has been touted as a perfect choice for a Chosson as he walks down the chuppah about to begin a new chapter in his life.