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COVID-19 Update for the Crown Heights #35 – Reinfections

We continue to investigate the issue of reinfection, where a patient suffered COVID back in March, and then recovered fully and developed antibodies. He then became ill again with a COVID like illness after being exposed at work, and had a nasal swab positive for Coronavirus. Even more worrisome was that one of his children then also became ill from him, with a positive COVID nasal swab. B”H they are both recovering at this time, seemingly without complication. As this is a fairly unique and unexpected situation, the patients involved are being fully investigated at this time by researchers interested in the immune response to COVID, its durability, and other important issues, which remain to be clarified. A handful of other cases are being actively worked up in the neighborhood, however currently there certainly is NO need for panic that we are witnessing a “second wave”. Nevertheless given the serious nature of COVID and the knowledge that antibodies are rapidly declining in many people, along with the above case, and complicated by many visitors from out of town including from “hotspots” around the country, we find it necessary to issue the following advisory.

For the past few weeks we have been operating on “green light” mode, feeling safe that most had experienced the virus and that collective immunity would protect us all, including the vulnerable. This allowed us to  gradually open up and resocialize, even bringing the vulnerable out of seclusion. This “green light”  mode was in distinct contrast to our “red light” mode in the weeks following Purim, when we were in a time of crisis. However, with all of the concerns stated above (given the potential danger of a single vulnerable person becoming ill), we feel it prudent to move to a “yellow light” mode at the present time. We are not in the same state of urgency as we were during the worst stage of the crisis, but we are in a more heightened state of alert than we have been these past few weeks. We must all be exceedingly cautious to ensure that our community does not experience a resurgence. Hopefully these cases are isolated phenomena, nevertheless one case is too much!




Wishing everyone continued good health,