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High Schoolers Visit Rabbi Yitzi

A group of high school girls were inspired by Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz while he was on his recentĀ  trip to New York City. The group conversed with him through a special communication program, receiving positive and inspirational words.

by CrownHeights.info

A group of high school girls from Nassau County came to visit Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz while he was on a recent trip to Crown Heights for his sons Bar Mitzvah.

Rabbi Hurwitz spoke with the girls through a special communication program designed to use his sight to communicate words.

“I know that inside each of you beats the heart of a future mother of Isarel,” Rabbi Hurwitz told them, “You are all so special, and it is clear that you are true Bnos Torah.”

The girls told Rabbi Yitzi the inspirational impact he has had on them, in their classroom, as well as in their lives.