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Montreal Fathers Join Sons for Day at Cheder

In what has become an annual event in Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch of Montreal, the fathers of Rabbi Y. Menkes‘ first grade class visited the Yeshiva to spend some quality time with their sons.

First the students demonstrated their ability to break down the words of a Pasuk and recognize its various prefixes, suffixes and shorashim. Then the Talmidim and their fathers worked together to fill out a review sheet on all the Chumash they’ve learned this year.

An amusing puppet show on the story of Adam, Chava and the snake was also presented by several of the Talmidim. This was followed by an exciting Chumash game on the projector and finally, a delicious lunch sponsored by the Mochkin family and Exception Bistro & Resto.

It was amazing to see the boys grow under the personal and warm tutelage of Rabbi Menkes. The boys identified shoroshim, showed their word recognition skills and displayed a warmth and chayus in their learning. A big thank you to Rabbi Menkes and Rabbi Ezagui for sharing with us words of inspiration in our continued partnership in the chinuch of our kids, to be proud Chassidim of our Rebbe. – Rabbi Levi Itkin.

It was quality time spent with our sons, learning with them and seeing what they learn in school. It also gave parents a chance to see how our children learn, using different interactive and visual methods. – Rabbi Eli Muller

It was very special to be able to sit with my son going through a full classroom experience, learning, singing, play-learning, eating & benching. It really was a wonderful experience. Thank you very much for all – Rabbi Moshe Shur

A huge thank you to R’ Menkes for creating and making “A day with tatty in ‘כתה א” such a wonderful experience. It was an enlightening, intimate, interactive, yummy and nachas filled 2 hrs with my isaac. I’m truly grateful and happy to have been a part of it! Much appreciated! Keep up the awesome and innovative teaching style – Rabbi Yanky Munitz

What a special day it was for my son and I.  His face was glowing as he proudly sat next to me and went through his daily learning.  The interactive game, hands on puppet show, and his depth of understanding how to decipher the meaning of new words was amazing.  We are forever grateful for having such a dedicated Rebbi, who works with our Eli, to set him up for many more successful years of learning. – Rabbi Avrohom Banon

Thank you so much for such a wonderful day together with Eli and the class. You really gave us an insight as to what goes on in class. wow, how lucky we are Ashreinu. Thank you Rabbi Menkes – Rabbi Mendel Silberstein

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#1 Comment By Lucky Montrealer On February 1, 2017 @ 11:40 am

We are so lucky to have Rabbi Menkes as a Rebbe here. He really puts in all his heart in being chanoich al pe darchoi and giving the kids importnat skills and love for learning.

#2 Comment By touchesoncouch On February 1, 2017 @ 8:29 pm

Hashem bless Rabbi Ezagui for many years.

Yaarich yomim all mamlachto