Weekly Story: Brocha Endures

Two people contacted me that they heard the following story from a Mr. Chase, who grew up in Chicago, then moved to Toronto and now lives in Lakewood. The first person told me that he was told the story while both of them were waiting for a plane and the second person heard it on Simchas Torah in a shul that he went to for tahalucha.

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Video of the Day

Thousands of guests, hundreds of hours, tens of staff one event. Watch behind the scenes as Greenwald Caterers shows you just what it takes to feed 1000’s of Shluchim for the International Kinus Hashluchim Gala Banquet.

Young Shluchim Meet their MyShliach Mentors During The Kinus

MyShliach’s Ach Sheli pairs young Shluchim around the globe with Bochurim who give of their time once a week to learn, Schmooze and farbreng with the boys, helping them maintain and strengthen Yiddish and Chassidishe values in their remote places of Shlichus. As participants from around the globe traveled to Crown Heights for the Kinus Hashluchim they were offered a chance to meet their long-distance chavrusah’s face-to-face.