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Are you looking for a chassidishe, warm and educational environment for your daughter next year?


Beis Rivkah Preschool has limited available slots for children born in 2010 – 2011.


Free Tuition for income eligible families.


For more information and to register please call (718) 735-0770 ext 1160

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New Engagement!

Chaim Rendler (Crown Heights) and Bracha Morozow (Crown Heights)

L’chaim Sunday night at 778 Montgomery St. [between Albany and Troy Aves.]

Baby Boy!

Moshe and Chanie Silman (Crown Heights)

Sholom Zochor at 302 Schenectady Ave. [between Eastern Pkwy and Union St.]

Baby Boy!

Shmuly and Chana (nee Krinsky) Newman (Crown Heights)

Sholom Zochor at 587 Rutland Rd. [between Kingston and Albany Aves.]

Letter & Spirit: The Story Behind the Photo

Does the above innocuous photograph of a boy wearing Tefilin look familiar to you? If not, try covering up the photo below the pencil line drawn across it… how about now? The upper portion of this photo, depicting the proper placement of the Tefilin Shel Rosh, appears in the back of almost every old print of Siddur Tehilas Hashem, as well as several other Lubavitch publications.