Op-Ed: Kapparos Shouldn’t Break the Bank

The following op-ed was sent by an anonymous member of the Lubavitch community in Miami to CrownHeights.info, describing the hardship borne by a large family with copious Yomtov expenses when shelling out $23 for each Kapparos chicken, a phenomenon he describes as “price gouging.”

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Laws and Customs: Yom Kippur

Rabbi Shmuel Lesches, Magid Shiur in the Yeshiva Gedola of Melbourne, Australia, has compiled a guide to the laws and customs of Kapparos, Erev Yom Kippur and Yom Kippur for the benefit of the wider Lubavitch community.

JEM’s ‘My Encounter’ Team Goes to South Africa

David Sussman found himself in a quandary. The year was 1990, the place: Durban, South Africa. His friends were leaving the country in droves due to the political unrest and upheaval, and he felt compelled to join the exodus. Additionally, he was being offered a new job position with the promise of a salary that was ten times what he was currently making. David couldn’t decide on a plan of action; what was he to do? For days and weeks he mulled over these questions, yet he could not come to a conclusive decision.

Music Video: The Sukkah’s Falling

The fun holiday that follows Yom Kippur finally gets a fun music video to boot. Sukkahs are falling, Lulavs are flying, and there are some sweet vocal harmonies in this visual treat by Rogers Park Band, starring Yosef Peysin and Mordy Kurtz, with a cameo appearance by comedian Mendy Pellin.

Cop Impostor Brandishes Gun, Threatens Driver

A Brooklyn man was indicted for a daring crime spree near the corner of Utica Ave. and Lincoln Place in Crown Heights, in which he allegedly impersonated a police officer, pulled over a van, brandished a gun, and threatened to kill its driver.