Missionary Material Distributed in Crown Heights

Residents of Crown Heights awoke this morning to find a package containing booklets and DVDs on their doorsteps. The envelope says it is sent by the “Israel Restoration Ministries,” but a quick glance inside affirms the source of the material: Missionaries targeting new converts to Christianity. Please be advised of the content before bringing it into your home.

Picture of the Day: The Mazkir and the Alexander Rebbe

Sunday evening in Boro Park, Rabbi Leibel Groner, secretary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, OBM, participated in the vort celebrating the engagement of the daughter of the Alexander Rebbe of Cleveland to the son of Reb Chaim Yakov Lebowitz, where he was honored with a seat at the head table.

School Turns Jewish Educational Tide in Argentina

A broad, barrel-chested man, Gabi Levinsky rose to address 150 fellow parents gathered in the cafeteria of the Wolfsohn-Tabacinic School. It was Friday night, and children ran freely around the room as Shabbat dinner stretched late into the muggy Argentine evening. With tears in his eyes, Levinsky thanked the Wolfsohn community for standing with his family following the sudden passing of their daughter a year earlier. By the time his short speech was over, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.