Shliach Works to Help Residents in Flooded Houston

“The sky fell down”—that’s how Rabbi Chaim Lazaroff of Chabad Uptown in Houston describes what happened overnight when an intense rainstorm left much of the Houston metropolitan area submerged. Three people are believed to have died, nearly 1,000 cars have been stranded on freeways and in other areas, and people are continuing to leave the city, if they can.

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‘Eurostars’ Program Shines, Seen in the Effect on Russian Youth Visiting Europe

Gliding down the Seine under a soft drizzle, the lone flame of the traditional Havdalah candle seemed to illuminate not just the boat, but the entire “City of Light.” Havdalah is the ceremony marking the end of Shabbat, and for the 500 young Jewish participants who traveled together to Paris, Berlin and the grounds of Auschwitz in Poland as part of Chabad-Lubavitch in Russia’s “Eurostars” program, the burning torch’s symbolism was apt.

Hundreds Rally After Pork Dumped at Holocaust Memorial

Hundreds gathered for a rally Friday morning at Pride of Lynn Cemetery, where a Holocaust memorial was discovered desecrated with pieces of raw pork earlier this week. “We stand united against all forms of evil,” said Rabbi Yossi Lipsker of Chabad Lubavitch of the North Shore, who organized the ceremony reconsecrating the memorial. “We gather here, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and people of all faiths.”

Shavuos at the Besht: A Full Night of Torah Study

On the first night of Shavuos at the Besht, three renowned lecturers will lead discussions in Torah: 12:15am – Rabbi Chaim Schochet – How do we integrate into our lives the Rebbe’s bracha of kabolas hatorah bsimcha ub’pnimiyus? 1:15am – Rabbi Sholom Dovid Geisinsky – The significance of Shavous in a Shnas Hashmita. 2:15am – Rabbi Zalman Goldberg – Matan Torah for Egyptians.