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Weekly Story: The Flame Is Burning Brightly

One Sunday they decided to cross the border and visit the Mexican town of Tijuana. They remained there the entire week, and on Friday morning they decided it is time to return. However, to his shock, at the border he was refused reentry into the United States. His visa was for a one time visit, and by leaving the States, the visa was no longer valid. He pleaded with the immigration guard, that he had another few months on his visa, but to no avail.

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Video: Who Do You Want to Be?

This cutting edge, fast moving — yet inspiring — 1-minute video on the weekly Parsha was created by Yitzchok Schmuckler from Montreal, and will be a new weekly feature here on This week’s video for Parshas Mikeitz is titled: Who do you want to be?

15,000 Public Menorahs Lit Around the World

Public menorahs are in the process of being lit all over the world as part of the Chabad-Lubavitch Chanukah campaign in more than 100 countries and territories, including all 50 U.S. states. Some 15,000 oversized menorahs will be kindled in front of landmarks such as the White House, Mount Rushmore, the Eiffel Tower, the Brandenburg Gate and the Kremlin.

Gad Elbaz and Holocaust Survivors Sing in Berlin

Just in time for Chanukah comes the latest upbeat release from the Holocaust Survivor Band, a triumphant song of survival titled ‘Let the Light Shine On.’ With music and lyrics by prolific songstress Cecelia Margules, Let the Light Shine On pairs Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz with concentration camp survivors Saul Dreier, Ruby Sosnowicz, and the newest member of the team, Morris Dan, as they take their uplifting message to the Brandenburg Gate, once a symbol of Nazi power.