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Leather Matzah Covers from Keter Judaica!

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1 family semi detached home
Located on Empire Blvd off of Albany Ave
Shared driveway
25×100 lot
1st floor 20×60
2nd floor 20×50
High ceiling basement
Needs work
Windows on 3 sides on all floors
Zoned R7-1 / C1-3

Asking $1,350,000.

Exclusively by Heights Properties

For appointments contact:
J.J. Katz
Heights Properties Inc.
Phone: 718-363-3932 x 101

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Full Time Job in Warehouse Inventory

Looking for a warehouse person for an inventory job.

The job will consist of helping maintain proper inventory numbers.

• Full Time
• Compensation for travel.
• Health Insurance & 401K
• Warehouse located in Bayonne, NJ.
• Holiday Pay.

Please email

Weekly Thought: A Holy Dwelling

Why is the word Mishkan repeated twice in the same Passuk? Whats the difference between “Mishkan” and “Miskan Ha’eidus”? How do we apply this concept to our lives? Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky, Shliach to Doral, FL, shares his thoughts on this week’s Parsha – Vayakhel-Pikudei.

Weekly Story: Elevate Yourself

Once during their playful activities, Zalman Aharon convinced his younger brother Sholom Dov Ber to climb into a pit. Thinking that it was part of the game and fun, he dutifully did so thinking that momentarily he would be helped out.

Calling All Bais Rivkah Alumni

Inspired by the 75 year anniversary of Bais Rivkah Schools, the high school students got thinking. How did their school receive it’s name? Who is Rebbetzin Rivkah? Why did the Frierdiker Rebbe deem it so important to name his ground-breaking school for women after his grandmother?

Weekly Letter: The Role of the Jewish Woman

This week, we present a letter from the Rebbe on the important role Jewish women played in our redemption from Egypt and subsequent receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai, in addition to the women’s initiative in their contributions for the mishkan and refusal to participate in the golden calf. The letter, written originally in English, is from the archives of the Rebbe’s personal trusted secretary, Rabbi Nissan Mindel.