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Stop Smearing Yeshivas: They Provide Quality Education

In Sundays edition of the New York Daily News, Avi Schick, a lawyer and a former New York Deputy Attorney General who is representing the targeted yeshivas, points out a “false note” in the letter from the Department of Education alleging that they were denied access to some yeshivas, and goes on to clarify that those yeshivas do not receive government funding.

Weekly Story: Tomchei Temimim

Being that the school year is beginning this upcoming week, and one of the Rebbe Rashab’s greatest accomplishments is the establishment of Tomchei Tmimim, I decided to post a few interesting points I recently learned of, in my research for the biography of the Rebbe Rashab. All of these points are noted in the sefer Divrei Yimei Tmimim.

Parasha: Our Roles as Judges

Although a judge reflects a very high position, which draws an attitude of deep fear and exceptional respect, yet we on a personal level, are indeed, the person who is obligated to fulfill this sophisticated task. Our role as being ‘judges’ is our continuous involvement with ultimate responsibility to make careful and cautious moves, so we don’t hurt the innocent and thereby not let the violator come across as the winner, Chas Veshalom.

Weekly Letter: Comforting a Mourner

In preparation for Rosh Hashanah, during yemei teshuvah, we present a letter of comfort from the Rebbe to a mourner, where he explains the deeper meaning of teshuvah, as explained in Chassidus with particular emphasis on the saying that “the living should take to heart.”