Weekly Story: And He Separated Between Light and Darkness

The innkeeper made some cosmetic improvements, hoping it would draw in new customers. He painted the outside, put up nice shades for the windows etc., however, his token efforts did not succeed, and as the next year came to an end, and he now had to pay the rent fees for two years, but he didn’t have it. The squire was beside himself with rage.

Are Lulavs to Thank for Cubs’ World Series?

After 70 seasons, the Chicago Cubs’ World Series appearance seems almost too improbable to believe; especially given the team’s long tradition of dramatic late-season collapses. But now that the team is actually favored to win the series against the Cleveland Indians—their first-game rout notwithstanding—it’s no surprise that fans are beginning to think of supernatural forces.

Christie Aide in Bridgegate Testimony: Rabbi Annoying

A former aide to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who was charged with conspiracy in the scandal involving a lane closure on the George Washington Bridge to create traffic jams, trashed Rutgers University Rabbi Mendy Carlebach during her testimony in Federal court, calling him “annoying.”