Weekly Story: Unintentional Inspiration

I am pleased to announce that b’ezras Hashem my latest publication, Farbreng With Reb Binyomin Kletzker, (vol. 6 in the Early Chassidic Personalities series), is now available. Being that it is 260 pages, it is a hard cover book and I also changed the look of the cover. In honor of this milestone I am posting the first story in the book, as well as the farbreng (thought) on the story.

In Photos: Purim in Paris

Follow the Purim spirit through Paris as it goes second arrondissement of Paris next to the Bourse, and from there to district 11. It does not stop in the 12th arrondissement with Rabbi Yosef Martinez, but goes from there to the Paleziel, the Jewish center of Paris, and then go to the Paris suburb of Seizen with Rabbi Mendy Ouaki.

Video: The Gezintahait Street Purim Special

The Purim story like you have never seen it before. Puppets, music and strange people come together for this hilarious and poorly produced diamond from the Gezintahait Street engine room. Children and grown ups alike will enjoy this special and it comes with our risk free, money back guarantee. That’s right! If you don’t like it, you can have your money back… every penny!

JEM: Mivtzoim – Spreading The Joy

Ever since the Rebbe instituted mivtzoim, (Jewish outreach), chassidim have gone out on Purim, spreading joy and Jewish pride. To army bases and hospitals, orphanages and street corners, everyone is encouraged to get involved and fulfill the mitzvos of the day. The Living Archive has collected fascinating pictures of Purim mivtzoim through the years. Here are a few pictures from that collection.