Is Breaking A Car Window To Steal A Crime? In NYC, We Are Not Too Sure Anymore


It’s a woke way of looking at crime. If you don’t acknowledge it, it never happened.

That appears to be the new track for fighting crime in New York City as both major and petty crimes skyrocket back to the ’70s, but city officials appear to be ignoring them.

In Crown Heights, a vandal and thief has been on the prowl nightly, smashing windows to gain access to parked cars and rummaging through them. No less than twelve car owners were forced to deal with the headache of a shattered window and turned over car this month so far, and have found no help from the NYPD’s 71st Precinct. Instead, they have face an attitude of “what do you want us to do about it” from the officers.

One frustrated car owner told that his attempts to communicate with the 71st Precinct have been mostly returned with silence. “I have emailed 6 officers at the 71st precinct, all with different ranks, in regards to the ongoing incidents,” he told “It is now 48 hours after the emails were sent, not a single one responded.”

While much of the frustration from the community is turned to the local precinct, the officers themselves blame Brooklyn’s District Attorneys for failing to prosecute those they do arrest.

It’s like a revolving door, the officers point out, as they arrest an individual only to have them released back onto the streets hours later. Blame for the policy varies from a DA that is hesitant to prosecute low-level crimes to pointing a finger at bail reform.

Either way, with another car targeted on Carroll Street Monday night, not a  single flyer or request for information have been sent out by law enforcement in the hopes of tracking down the perpetrator.

See a near-daily list of break-ins below:

November 15th: Another Night, Another Car Broken Into in Crown Heights
November 14th: More Vehicles Broken Into Over Shabbos in Crown Heights
November 12th: At Least Three More Cars Broken Into Overnight In Crown Heights
November 11th: Car Break-Ins Continue in Crown Heights With At Least Two Vehicles Targeted
November 8th: Motzei Shabbos Car Burglar Strikes Again would like to remind all residents to make sure your vehicles are secured, and all valuables removed before leaving your vehicle.

If you have had a theft or break-in, please send any pictures and footage to, or to our WhatsApp at 718-285-8000.

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