More Vehicles Broken Into Over Shabbos in Crown Heights


Multiple vehicles across Crown Heights were broken into over Shabbos, leaving shattered glass and rising unhappiness at the local lawlessness.

One car was reported having been broken into on Troy Ave and Union Street, while others were broken into on Troy Ave near Maple Steet.

The perpetrator of these car break-ins shatters car windows to gain access to the vehicle and rummages around looking for loot.

These break-ins are not isolated, with a string of such incidents having been reported nearly daily for at least a week.

These break-ins have stirred a growing discontent as these incidents are felt by the community as being treated as unimportant by the local NYPD precinct.

A car owner who had his car broken into this past week reported that the 71st Precinct responded with “okay,” to the break-in, as if there was nothing they can do.

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November 8th: Motzei Shabbos Car Burglar Strikes Again would like to remind all residents to make sure your vehicles are secured, and all valuables removed before leaving your vehicle.

If you have had a theft or break-in, please send any pictures and footage to, or to our WhatsApp at 718-285-8000.

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