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Melava Malkah in Honor of Yud Shvat in Empire Shteibel

Mispalelim and local residents gathered in Empire Shteibel for a Seudas Melava Malka and Farbrengen in honor of Yud Shvat. R. Akiva Wagner Rosh Yeshiva (Mashpia) of Yeshivas Lubavitch in Toronto Farbrenged with the crowed.

More pictures in the Extended Article!


  • 1. Bnai Akiva wrote:

    R’ Akiva is number one! Yeshiva Lubavitch Toronto R-O-C-K-S!!!!!
    (For those who don’t know, “rocks” means it’s solid like a rock).

  • 3. Der Duker wrote:

    Reb Moshe Heber – Fun Dei Chasidshe B B that are still left – A Pleasure to see you farbrenging in Crown Heights..


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