From Days Gone By: ULY-OP Dedication Dinner, 1967

The head table at the dedication dinner for the newly-completed United Lubavitcher Yeshiva building on Ocean Parkway in 1967. Can you identify anyone in the photo?

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  • 1. names wrote:


    Avrohom Hecht
    Hershel Fogelman

    Standing : Rabbi Mintz

  • 3. Anonymous wrote:

    הרב ליס
    הרב גריבערג
    הרב אברהם העכט
    הרב הערשל פאגלמאן
    הרב הערשל קאטלראסקי
    הרב משה פינחס הכהן כץ
    הרב מרדכי מענטליק

  • 5. yossel wrote:

    Rabbonim OBM seated from left to right:
    Lis Greenberg Altein Hecht Fogelman Kotlarski Katz Mentlik Ushpol
    standing: Mintz

  • 6. Anonymous wrote:

    The leftmost person is Rabbi Liss. 3 people to his right is Rabbi Avrohom Hecht, followed by Rabbi Fogelman of Worcester (Ithink), Rabbi Tzvi Kotlarsky, Rabbi Moshe Pinchas Katz, and, 2 people to Rabbi Katz’s right, Rabbi Ushpol.

  • 7. Yitzchok Teitelbaum wrote:

    rebbies,liss,greenberg,altein,hecht,hecht,kotlarsky,katz,mentlick,ushpal,at mike rabbi isaac mintz.

  • 8. korenblit heshy wrote:

    Dinner photo
    Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchok Korenblit organized these dinners twice a year for the United Lubavitcher Yeshivoth.
    Pic: left to right
    Rabbi Liss
    Rabbi Greenberg
    Rabbi Fogelman
    Rabbi Kotlarsky
    Rabbi Katz
    Rabbi Mentlik
    Rabbi Ushpal

  • 9. B.g. oak park mi wrote:

    from left to right: rabbis e. liss,meir greenberg (patterson, n.j.)mordechai altein,.avrohom hecht,hershel fogelman (worchester,mass.)hershel kotlarski,moshe pinchus katz,mordechai mentlik, ushpal (standing by mike: mintz (?)

  • 11. Rabbis wrote:

    Rabbis: Moshe Eli Liss, Mayer Greenberg, Mordechai Altein, Avrohom Hecht, Hershel Fogelman, Hershel Kotlarsky, Moshe Pinchos Katz, Mordechai Mentlik, Yitzchok Dovber Ushpol, Aizik Mintz (at the microphone).

  • 12. names wrote:

    Rabbis Liss, Greenberg, Altein, Avrohom Hecht, Sharfstein,Katlarsky, Katz, Metlik, Ushpal
    standing is Mintz

  • 13. Ch'er wrote:

    From left to right
    Liss, Greenberg, Altian, Hecht, Fogelman, Katlarsky, Katz, Mentlick, Ushpal, ?, speaker- Mintz, ?,?.

  • 15. Shifra Stone wrote:

    Second from left is my father Harav Eliyahu Machlis zt’l Rav and Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivah Ohel Moshe Bensonhurst Bklyn

  • 17. SD wrote:

    From left to right:
    Liss , Greenberg, Altein, Hecht,
    Fogelman, KOtlarsky, Katz, Mentlik, Ushpol

  • 19. Michoel Seligson wrote:

    from left to right
    Rabbi EM Liss, Rabbi Meir Greenberg ?, Rabbi A Hecht, Rabbi H Fogelman, Rabbi H Kotlarsky, Rabbi MP Katz, Rabbi Mentlik, Rabbi Ushpal

  • 20. yankel wrote:

    Rabbis Lis, Greenberg, Altein, Hecht, Fogelman, Kotlarsky, Katz, Mentlik, Ushpal, speaking Mintz. The building was opened in 1969.

  • 22. Yes wrote:

    Seated from Left to Right, Rabbis:
    Liss, Greenberg, Altein, Hecht, Fogelman, Kotlarsky, Katz, Mentlick, Ushpol.

    Standing by microphone – Issac Mintz


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