ISO Male Roommate To Share A 2 Bedroom Apt In East Flatbush (on the border of Crown Heights)

My roommate moved out, so I am in need of a replacement. The Apt is tucked away into a neat corner of a second floor house. The overall place isn't too big, but I feel that this is made up for by the great lighting, high ceilings, and 2 large bedrooms. There is also access to a front porch and backyard. The overall rent is $1300 plus utilities. Your monthly estimate will be $700, give or take. You will also be required to submit a security deposit of $650. In terms of religiosity, all I ask is that you keep the kitchen kosher. Whatever else you do in that regard is none of my business. Other than that, I am looking for someone who is kind, mature, and hopefully, not too loud. Feel free to hit me up if interested.


Contact: CHcrown


Phone: 347-451-6925