Satire Challenge: As The Judges Vote, Which Satire Submission Was Your Favorite?

This year launched its first ever Pre-Purim “Satire Challenge”, challenging you – our readers – to make other people laugh.

Partnering with four of the Orthodox Jewish world’s most well known Comedic Influencers, we received amazing submissions that have been read and reread thousands of times.

As we round up the submissions and the judges cast their votes, we want to hear from you. Which of the published Satire Submissions are your favorites?

SATIRE: Archeologists Ask Community’s Help Decoding Ancient Text Discovered Near Old Parksville

SATIRE: Mishna Bruriah, The Never Written Teachings Of Bruriah

SATIRE: The Husband of Valor

SATIRE: Purim Preparation Checklist

SATIRE: It is the Ultimate Question, Why Would Someone Bang A Kettle?

SATIRE: A Version of The History Of Crown Heights

SATIRE: After Activist Outcry, Mashiach Flag To “Go- Green”

SATIRE: Nine Things Only A Lubavitcher Might Say, and Understand

SATIRE: A Purim Shidduch, The Stressful Search For an “Apartment”

SATIRE: Mazal Tov, The Purim Engagement List


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