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SATIRE: Mazal Tov, The Purim Engagement List

Disclaimer: Any similarity to people/peoples, definite or perceived, is purely coincidental.

A hearty Mazel Tov on the following new Purim engagements in our worldwide Chabad community:

Bram Fen (Melbourne) to Cherry Schnapps (Joburg)
Yiddel Mittenfiddle (Moscow) to Clara Nett (Berlin)
Ben Hashmashos (Tsfas) to Ayelet Hashachar (Kfar Chabad)
Ron Chaptzem (Flatbush) to Eidel Maidel (Kensington)
Pinky Red (Williamsburg) to Perri Winkle (Boro Park)
Chic Gelt (Miami) to Wanda Bee (Belgium)
Scott (Shaul) Free (Simcha Monica) to Tzahala Samecha (L.A.)
Mendel Linn (Toronto) to Frumma Feinmishpacha (Montreal)
Brett Plaitzes (Monsey) to Em Broider (Pomona)
Herman Tashen (Zurich) to Katja Knish (Poland)

…And last but not least:
Ben Onshlichus (Crown Hts) to Lisa Mitzvahtank (Chicago)

IY”H many, many more simchas soon!!!

(Have your own Purim engagement to add? Post it in the comment section below!)

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