• 1. Hashgacha Protis wrote:

    This week (thursday)there will be a chabad-satmer wedding in williamsburg. Mazel Tov to Yumi Lefkowitz from Monroe and Hadas Zohar Of Israel/Crownheights Binyan adai ad

  • 3. R' Avrohom Hersh Landa wrote:

    To Shimon Yosef- No.

    This is an older Chossid who learned in Otvotsk. He lived in Boro Park for many years. He and his wife, may they live chayim nitzchim, live with their daughter and son in law Rivky and Menachem Kirsch on Montgomery street. He is also the father of R’ Yisroel Dovid Landa, CH, R’ Yosef Landa, S.Lewis, and R’ Yehuda Landa, NJ.

    A special Chossid who lost his entire family during the Holicaust. He recieved many kiruvim from the Frierdike Rebbe.

  • 4. kirsh wrote:

    This photo was taken at the wedding of our parents Rabbi Abraham Tzvi and Chaye Landa , may they live and be well, on 19 Kislev 5709-1948.
    The wedding was in the Gold Manor in Brooklyn. Photo was taken by Trainer Studios.

    Our maternal grandfather was a well known Chassidishe Yid from Hungary. He asked the Satmar Rav who had recently arrived to New York to be Mesader Kiddushin.

    Also seen in the photo ….sitting…Rabbi Mordechai Groner, Rabbi Mordechai Mentkick…..standing in the back Rabbi Shea Bronstein….

    • 5. m.d. yarmish wrote:

      also seen in photo rabbi yossel ashkenazy, rabbi wulliger, rabbi mentlik is talking to the amshinover rebbe of boro park, r yitzchok. across from them sitting ,who you only see the side of his face is the amshinover rebbe from bayit vgan r’ meir’l whose grandson is todays rebbe. also seen is reb chaim alter roth standing on the right side

  • 6. Was the Rebbe there? wrote:

    I wanted to know if the Rebbe was there and if there’s a picture of both of them together? (Please, no rude or negative comments!)

    • 7. I never heard wrote:

      I never heard from my Zaide that the Rebbe & Reb Yoel met at his weeding.
      So i dont believe they did.
      A grandson

  • 8. There is another nice picture wrote:

    In the book written on the history of Satmar, there is a nice picture displayed of Rabbi Yoel teitelbaum the old Satmar Rebbe Being Mesader Kediushin at this wedding

  • 9. SoCal Shliach wrote:

    Is that r Zalmen Gurary obm sitting to the SR right?
    Agav, to the previous poster, the rebbe and the SR were very close. They each visited each other shiva calls etc.
    There are af re beautiful stories how both recognized each other’s greatness. And said some amazing things about each other’s greatness.
    The SR once sent a chosid to the rebbe for a brocho for children. When the chosid expressed shock e said. “Mdarf gayness tzu der vos Kohn” I heard this from 2 reliable people. One of whom heard from the gabai of the SR.
    And the rebbe once told Chaim gutnik (albeit not such a reliable source…..) that 3 people in the generation would never allow “dor shekulo chayav” the SR, r CK and himself.
    He was a great man. A true leader.
    However it is a fact that the tziyonus issue vis A vis shazar and the nishtakcho issue vis A vis chassidus did have a detrimental impact

  • 10. Yakov Moshe wrote:

    How did u guys find this pic ? Where did u get it from ? Its from 65 yrs ago, obviously with the new techno u guys made it look much newer.


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