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Family Adventure Day – Tzivos Hashem South Florida

Tzivos Hashem of Florida and the Captain Hyman Galbut JLC will be presenting its 3rd annual Family Adventure Day at the Parrot Jungle Island off 395 between Miami Beach and Miami this Sunday January 21 from 10am – 6pm.

It will be a day to remember, full of exciting shows, activities and a live concert performance with the world famous children singer – Uncle Moishy who has performed throughout the United States as well as many other countries around the globe. His songs are known through his many videos, CD’s and cassette recordings, instilling children with messages of charity, sharing, honoring ones parents, visiting the sick and many other great lessons of character. He has been compared to the Barney of Jewish music.

In addition to the many shows of Parrot Jungle Island, this year there will also be a spectacular circus performance and many rides for the children. Kosher food will also be available at the Jungle Island. This Family Adventure Day is coordinated every year in an effort to strengthen family bonds, providing a day for parents to spend quality time with their children – with a special focus on positive family values and well as the development and reinforcement of good Jewish values and traits. It gives children a bond between each other and a very beautiful and exciting atmosphere. One can receive a flyer regarding the South Florida event of the year with a special discount worth up to $36. One can also go on our website familyadventureday.com for the flyer and discount coupon. For additional information one can call 305-532-1800 or 305-672-1156.



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