Israeli FM’s First Stop in the US: The Ohel

Following a joint Israeli-Italian government summit, Avigdor Lieberman, the newly reinstated Israeli Foreign Minister, traveled to the United States to meet with John Kerry, the US Secretary of State. Lieberman’s first stop in the United States was at the Ohel.

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  • 1. other mispallim? wrote:

    Did they stop ordinary people & all ladies going in to the Ohel at the same time? No criticism, just wondering.

    • 2. Shamayim wrote:

      No that lady on the side with the strip skirt was me. Was my hebrew birthday and Rosh Hodesh never head a hello from the FM was was only inches away.. Just saying

  • 3. declasse intellectual' wrote:

    I hope he leaves with the internal fortitude to denounce the proposed agreement with Iran as a repeat of Neville Chamberlan at Munich. And, that Israel will not give up the liberated lands to those who want to destroy them in the vain attempt to buy peace that will never come.


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