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A Satmer chosid answered a tefillin app request, driving from Williamsburg to help out another Jew.


  • 4. Satmar? wrote:

    Notice the tall crown on the beaver hat. The only Satmar with tall crowns are from somewhere in England.
    So even the “levush” is most probably not Satmar.

    To conclude, the wrap app is doing wonders!

  • 5. Achdus wrote:

    Everyone should download the Tefillin Wrapp application to their phone. You never know when you can assist another Jew, here you get it in your lap!

  • 6. Relevant Info wrote:

    That is not ‘a Satmer Chosid from Williamsburg’.

    He is the librarian of the Lubavitcher Baal Shem Tov library on Avenue J.

    • 7. satmera chosid wrote:

      Even he is not satmer but its not the metter the main think is to wrapp on every fellow jew

  • 8. s.b. wrote:

    does it really make a diffrerance if he’s satmar or lubavitch????
    the point is that its nice to see all jews taking part
    in mitzvos like this…..


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