Picture of the Day: $50k for Addiction Prevention

Sen. Jesse Hamilton presents Operation Survival a super-check representing a fifty thousand dollar grant from New York State to support addiction prevention programs and education.

Posing for a photo is Rabbi Sholem Ber Hecht, Executive Chairman N.C.F.J.E, Senator Jesse Hamilton, Rabbi Yaacov Behrman of Operation Survival, Rabbi Shloma Abramowitz, Reuven Lipkind.


  • 1. Jay from LI wrote:

    Hey Senator :

    Why don’t you also advertise about how your website asks the community what to do with $1 million dollars in public funds “Participatory Budgeting”, attacks on Jews and get the bad guys off the streets….. https://www.nysenate.gov/newsroom/articles/jesse-hamilton/how-would-you-spend-1-million-improve-our-neighborhood

    like BP Eric Adams demanded years ago when Borough Park received $1 million dollars for 150 security cameras.

    The $2500 grant that Eric Adams gave to CH recently for security cameras is crumbs http://www.brooklyneagle.com/articles/2016/7/13/security-cameras-coming-brooklyn-help-investigate-local-crimes ….when you consider that Gov. Cuomo recently gave Central Brooklyn $1.4 billion for Central Brooklyn…almost all which is going to construction and not security cameras or more police walking the streets. https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-cuomo-announces-14-billion-vital-brooklyn-initiative-transform-central-brooklyn

    Start voting in the democratic primary and demand that public safety be prioritized when it comes to spending public money.

    $1 million dollars for 150 Security Cameras Now!!!

  • 3. Jay from LI wrote:

    Comment #1 should be corrected as follows as some words were left out in the upload to this website.

    “Hey Senator :

    Why don’t you also advertise about how your website asks the community what to do with $1 million dollars in public funds “Participatory Budgeting”. CROWN HEIGHTS NEEDS SECURITY CAMERAS AS NECESSITATED BY THE RECENT ATTACKS on Jews and to get the bad guys off the streets…..”

  • 4. talking nonsense wrote:

    Why vote in democratic primary, I’m a republican and will
    Not vote for liberals.

  • 5. Menachem m engel wrote:

    in connection to one of the earlier comments, I definitely think that we need security cameras installed everywhere. I was once at a board meeting and I mentioned that they should put cameras that certain Corner that has many druggies hanging out, I was answered that they won’t because if they put security cameras are the druggies will just move over to the next corner. Many cities have closed circuit cameras. We definitely should have cameras funded. This is where we need our funding

  • 6. Vote for Jewish Interests Not Party Interests wrote:

    @ # 4)

    a) There will never be enough Republican voters in local CH elections to win in the General Election
    b) Roughly 90% of the approx. 30,000 votes in the General Election are Democratic – (this will vary based upon electoral district ) – not enough Jewish voters in the General, but there are in the primary
    c) Approx 12,000 people vote in the Dem Primary
    d) In a split race with a margin of 5000 votes, 3000 votes matters especially when most Jewish registered democrats are voting for Eric Adams’ political friends.
    e) There is a constant battle between Kingmakers BP Eric Adams (more conservative) and Uma Clarke(more progressive and liberal) in town. Eric Adams and African-American candidates are strong in CH whereas the Uma Clarke and the Carribean Candidates are pushing hard from the south (Flatbush)
    f) So if the Republican Jews of CH registered as democrats in the primary (1500) combined with Democratic Jewish primary votes (3000), and you took those 4500 votes and block voted. you would get millions more in public funds because CH Jews would be the swing vote.
    g) Or if the 2500 Jewish democratic votes switched to vote for a progressive Carribean candidate from the Flatbush based upon ISSUES, there would be a 5000 vote swing since most Jews are voting for Eric Adams, Jessie Adams and Laurie Cumbo.

    I believe the Rebbe said the important thing is just for Jews to vote.

    Politicians need to see the election results data that Jews are voting. http://www.vote.nyc.ny.us/html/home/home.shtml

  • 7. $100 Million for Drug Addicts & More Homeless wrote:

    Congratulations BP Eric Adams for donating $1 million to the $99 million in NYS funds going for more drug addicts and homeless in CH – ( New Construction on Albany & Winthrop)


    Too bad CH own Jewish Assistant Commissioner of Homes and Community Renewal , who is on the community board for 30 years, is not pushing for affordable housing for large families.

    No One Cares Until You Read and Vote.

  • 8. @negative wrote:

    Why the negative comments? what’s wrong with this grant that is going to a good cause? I can imagine if they brought him to the Rebbe, he would give his blessing and encourage him to continue to benefit the community. Comment #1 and #3 sound like those two negative muppets in the peanut gallery

  • 9. Photo-Ops Are Endorsements wrote:

    @#8) How may Jews need to be choked, stabbed and knocked out before the Jewish lobbyists stop photo-opping/ endorsing elected officials who say Jewish blood is not cheap, and then who only offer $2500 for public safety, when they are giving out millions to special interests.

    Is it correct to put words in the Rebbe’s mouth and “imagine” what he would have said ? Did the Rebbe ever imagine what previous Rebbe’s would have said on current elected officials’ actions ?

    • 10. @9 wrote:

      You are correct in the problem, I’m talking about the solution. it’s not to bash them for giving because they gave so little… how well do you think these comments are taken? there’s a place for criticism and it’s not when good things are happening. in this case it should be constructive, encouragement to continue. You can argue with that but it’s just my lone opinion and I’m voicing it….

  • 11. Thank you Senator Hamilton! wrote:

    Unlike several of the comments here, when I see an elected official giving 50K to an organization that is trying to help save our youth,I simply want to say Thank you Jesse Hamilton.
    If you have a question about why this elected or that elected did not do A,B,C,D then why don’t you send an email or call their office and ASK them, instead of writing on this blog HEY just to criticize them.
    If you want an answer to a question, why would you go on the blog to rag on them, when the article in hand is showing showing something positive.
    The only things that these negative comments do is the opposite of what there intended to do.
    If you gave a donation to a not for profit, and the community that it is intended for came up with 10 things that you did not do, would you really want to help them again?
    Bottom line there is a reason for the mitzva for hakaras hatov or put in a more basic form, you get more with honey than vinegar.
    If you have an issue with your elected, try calling, sending an email and then meeting with their staff to discuss the issue. I guarantee you will get better results than beating them up in the blogs.

  • 12. Zalman wrote:

    The point being made here is that sometimes when someone throws you a bone, when they should in fact be giving you a lot more, then the bone can serve as a smoke screen to cover up that they are neglecting you.

    So do you say “Thank you!” For the bone, or you call their bluff???

    I guess there is room for both approaches.

    It’s really sad when the one receiving the bone doesn’t even realize that they are being “robbed” from what they really should be receiving. That’s a whole new level of ignorance, which seems like the first comment is trying to dispell.

    Thanks Jay for speaking up!

    It would be wonderful if there was another public forum to address this.
    At the moment, I’m not aware of one.
    So yes, this would seem to be the place to try to help people realize their throwing you a bone, and laughing all the way to the bank that we are “thanking” them for it too!

  • 13. Please Pass the Vinegar wrote:

    So, if each elected official has a pot of food to feed the community, and if they give 99% to drug addicts and homeless (millions in capital budget dollars) , and 1% for hungry children, should I say “oh what a Mitzvah!!”, or should I say why are you feeding the special interests at the expense of the rest of the community ?

    The CHJCC has not had elections in years. Many leaders in CH all have real estate interests and their own non-profits, and the result is the average Yidden on the street will not vote because they have no confidence in the Jewish and non-Jewish leaders. As result the CHJCC are beggars that are forced to give honey and a photo-op endorsement, and all they receive are crumbs to insiders.

    Why doesn’t the CHJCC have public meetings on issues ? To keep people uninformed and controlled.

    If the politicians see that they will lose votes from an informed public, and that leaves a vinegar taste in their mouth, maybe they will be forced to start allocating funds for non-special interests like security cameras.


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