Picture of the Day: Board Poses for a Photo

The entire board of directors of Crown Heights’s largest boys school – Oholei Torah, posed for a group photo on the steps of the school at the annual gala dinner benefiting the school.


  • 3. Fantastic Group wrote:

    Oholei Torah is fortunate to have such a great board who really take it seriously to do what’s best for the Moised and work diligently at it.

  • 5. Board wrote:

    Zalman Chein
    Yosef Brikman
    Sholom Rosenfled
    Mordechai Deitsch
    Boruch Brikman
    Avrohom LOkshin,
    Yossel Rosenfeld (Sitting)
    Yaakov PInson
    Eleizer Teitelbaum
    Shmuel Brook
    Shalom BEr RAbkin
    Moshe Melamed


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