Picture of the Day! Woodwork!

In the picture is Mendy Rimler (Center) who learns in the 5th Grade in Oholei Torah Elementry School. He is carrying home a ‘Shtender’, with the help of a fellow classmate, that he built in the woodwork class in the after school program.


  • 6. very nice wrote:

    Broh Kar’ay D’Avuho

    “like father like son” for those that dont know what it means

  • 7. Big Fan wrote:

    Very impressive!
    Adorable pics!!
    I’m sure you’re going to put that shtender to very good use!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8. Rochel wrote:

    It is nice to se that Crown Heights is branching out and providing some quality after school activities,
    It allows them to gain skills they would other wise not be able to perform.
    We have to come to the realisation that the Bchrim of today are not those of years gone by,
    they can not just sit and learn all day,
    They need kpsher/parve activities aswell!
    We planand plan and plan for our Chabad houses when we donèt even realize our own kids go off the deep-end. We need to spend time,money and energy to show them that Chabad IS Really Cool.
    Yosher Koach to the little handyman!!!!

  • 11. Itzhak Schier wrote:

    So long as they don’t teach them to make brass knuckles in after-school metalworking…

  • 12. Bunk Tes Counselor wrote:

    Hey Emmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, waz up? great work doin’ over there! keep it goin’ real strong kid, you’re doin’ great!!

  • 13. Your Vinelander fans wrote:

    Hey emmy our shul can use a NEW shtender.Any idea where we can get one from?

  • 14. Rochel wrote:

    Emmy way to go !!!! Your looking good.
    I want to know what you will be making out of that. I’m sure you will impress us all.

  • 15. Montreal cousins wrote:

    Emmy What a nice surprise to see a familiar face on CrownHeights info. Are you signing autographs??

  • 16. Agree wrote:

    Couldn’t agree more with the comment from Rachel.
    Merkos has start sending shluchim to our own community’s crownheights the big cities LA Chicago Miami etc… to work with our own kids

  • 18. Shia wrote:

    Shmuly M:
    Nice work helping your classmate shlep. Hope you have soon a shtender of your own.

  • 20. Kop Docktar wrote:

    Now that Oholei Torah is already producing carpenters, do you think they can expand and teach shoemaking? Maybe a little bit of plumbing, too?

  • 21. Sholom wrote:

    just a note in response to Rachel
    the Rebbe MaHaRash used to do woodworking
    i don’t remember the details

  • 22. mendy s wrote:

    hey shmulie, just saw this. nice seeing you giving of your time to help a frien schlep. you’re a real celebrity!

  • 23. ULY parent wrote:

    it would be nice if the other yeshivos offered hands-on after school programs. Not just more learning, more sitting, more reading, more pointing, etc. I’m sure you’d see an improvement in behavior as well as self-confidence in many of the kids.
    Great job oheli torah

  • 24. parent o.m. wrote:

    rabbi futerfas has been teaching wood working for over 15 years. kol hakovod to him. we have chalah boards and napkin holders tzedakah pushkes and much more.plus he connects with them while they work.fantastik

  • 25. Neighborhood mom wrote:

    Why dont the boys have such classes as part of the school day. Kids in Crown Heights dont have to many outlets to show talet besides for learning all day. Twice a week a small break for an art or extra activity may help the struggling child actually feel good about himself. A small boost of self esteem and cofidence is priceless in a school setting!!!

  • 27. Relative wrote:

    Shmuly, it is nice to see you having a lot of Ahavas Yisroel helping an other child, and do it with joy. You are a true chosid.


    Rochel wrote, “We have to come to the realization that the Bochrim of today are not those of years gone by,
    they can not just sit and learn all day…”

    Well, maybe they should spend time studying secular subjects, become educated, and able to find meaningful employment?

    In ‘years gone by’, if a bochur couldn’t sit and learn all day – he’d get a job. There was no point in him wasting time in yeshiva and lowering the standandards of learning because of his deficiency. If a bochur couldn’t keep up with the learning program, he’d be out of the program.

    Nowadays, we modify the entire learning program, watering down the education of an entire generation, just to accomodate those that have little interest in learning.

    Rochel also writes, “We need to spend time,money and energy to show them that Chabad IS Really Cool.”

    Cool??? I would want to show them that Chabad is WARM, ‘hartzik’, and anything but “Cool”. Coolness, rachmona litzlan, stands for all things that are anti-Chabad, and anti-Yiddishkiet!

    Sorry Rochel, but we don’t strive to make Torah and mitzvot “cool”, “with it” or far-goyished.

    What next – will O.T. start producing shoemakers? Bal agolas? Woodchoppers or water drawers??

  • 30. more learning, more sitting, more readin wrote:

    dear ULY parent,

    thay do offer a after school program with out more learning, more sitting, more reading, more pointing, etc.
    #2 if you dont like it send your kids to
    oheli torah

  • 31. ULY Parent wrote:

    Please enlighten me, what other after school programs are offered at ULY that involves moving around, having an outlet, and keeping the kids motivated and feeling good about themselves? I would be thrilled to hear about it.

  • 32. Rochel wrote:

    To webby, I know this is an old article and no one will read this comment now but I think that what I have written to Mr. CHOSSID over there is important; please print it as an article on its own if you can. As well as HIS and MY comment.
    It might be an eye opener for some!
    Rochel’s Response to TRADITIONAL CHOSID

    i did not Chas V’shomom mean Cool as in NOT WARM!!!!
    I meant cool as the slang young ppl use today.
    I am an occupational therapist and I can’t stress enough how many times I am called to schools where boys tell me, I can’t just learn all day, why can’t we just play ball once in a while“
    Physical activity helps blood flow to the brain and serves as a neuron stimulate thereby increasing the attention span and absorption level of the brain.(In simple English: sports and exercise help their brain learn better and retain information)
    A game of ball is not Goyish MR TRADITIONAL CHOSSID. BUT BECAUSE OF TRADITIONAL PPL LIKE YOU in Hanhala, look how many bochrim and girls we are loosing, you are stifling them to death, they are turning fri, ,because even what is allowed(a game or activity here and there) are forbidden to them!!!
    They need to move around!
    Yeshivos of before are no longer, the sizes of the classes have nearly doubled in the past 8 years! And the influences of the world have more than quadrupled (unless you want to chain kids down or move to your own isolated town like Monroe)
    I never suggested WATERING DOWN THE TORAH, as you write but merely to find ways to connect with the youth without a ”learning setting“

    In case you are not awake during the day, look around you my friend, Lubavitch today is mainly composed of Ba’al Teshuvah’s (you claim the Torah has been watered down for!)
    And the amount of SHPITZ families, is dwindling down each day(even some of their kids are Nebach going off the path) We don’t even bother answering their questions, all kids are embarrassed to ask questions about how do we or Why do we, they all get such stares ,as if saying WHY DO YOU DARE ASK …JUST DO WITH KABABLOS OHL.
    Kids today need reasons, as much as we can provide or at least to validate them and their questions

    We keep doing shlichus with other ppl when WE are the once who need to be rekindled, re connected, OUR kids need to be told that they can ask questions, that they matter, that they are loved, OPEN YOUR EYES .we are loosing those precious neshamos Because ppl think like you ”well they can’t keep up to the program so OUT” but Where is OUT?????????
    Where are you sending them to??? The streets, drugs, goyim????
    Bare that in mind next time you feel a bochur can’t keep up. MR TRADITIONAL CHOSSID.
    No one ever said they will become Goyish if they have some sports and other Non –learning activities.
    That is the best time to teach them without them noticing or putting their guard up, just strike up a conversation get the boys involved, get their opinions on things, let them express themselves.
    Besides we all know what kind of of Bochrim make better husbands (it is the well rounded ones)

    No parent will say “oh, I don’t want him /her for my son/daughter, they played sports a few times a week instead of sitting and learning all day”
    So stop being delusional, we are not in a Russian Shtetel anymore!
    I am all for being Traditional and Yes Some things are “past nisht for our boys “but sports and after school activities are not one of them!


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