Picture of the Day: 770 Cleaned for Pesach

Custodians of 770 were hard at work Erev Pesach cleaning the Shul and polishing its every surface.


  • 1. Esther Michael wrote:

    770 is so clean. It should always stay like that. During the year you need people to care of the disastrous mess.

  • 2. looks great but wrote:

    a cleaning like this should be done biweekly or more. thousand of people go though 770 daily . Plus 770 is like a Bais Hamikdosh. can you imagine they cleaned the Bais Hamikdosh once a year OY ???

  • 3. To comment 2 wrote:

    To comment 2
    They would only clean the azarah twice a year, before Tishri, and pesach. Just like 770.

    • 4. Ezra wrote:

      They cleaned the Mizbeā€™ach twice a year. The Azarah was cleaned much more often than that.

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