1 Family on Shlichus, 30 Suitcases

1 Family of Shluchim and 30 suitcases. It’s no joke, but this photo of the Kripor family traveling with some 30 suitcases made waves on social media. But why does a family of six need so many suitcases?

Rabbi Ofer and Yael Kripor along with their four children are the Shluchim to Cuzco, Peru and together they direct Chabad of Cusco Peru. After a stay in Israel they returned to their Shlichus last week and brought with them the items – such as kosher food, wine and Matzah – supply’s that need to last them over nine months.

Their center is described as a hotspot for Jewish travelers and locals, and is also popular with Americans travelling abroad.

“It was a sight to behold, seeing this our family [taking] all this luggage,” said the Shliach.


  • 1. baya wrote:

    its up to them. they can take as much luggage as they wish. they are wonderful people.

  • 3. WOW wrote:

    tiske limitzvos and look into shipping a container might be cheaper than all those baggage fees

  • 5. Plenty of Matzah from Bklyn wrote:

    Plenty of Matzah he could order from Bklyn he doesn’t need 2 pack up Matzah from Isreal, if he has wealthy donors it would save him all that trouble of taking who knows how many lbs of Matzah , I’m just talking abt the Matzah part, plus by the time he gets back to Cuzco, it will all be broken, I think getting from Bklyn would be better

  • 6. Wow!!! wrote:

    Does anyone realize what our Shluchim have to endure!
    You think it’s funny to see all those suitcases.
    It’s really Mesiras Nefesh to have to shlep all that just to feed other people.
    I sincerely hope that the people who come to Chabad Houses OPEN THEIR POCKETS !!!!!!!


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