Picture of the Day: S. Paul, Minnesota

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice Chairman of Merkos Linyonai Chinuch, traveled from New York to be Menachem Avel the Feller family, who are sitting shiva in Minnesota after the passing of their matriarch, Mrs. Mindelle Feller, OBM.


  • 2. Malka wrote:

    In the picture in a smaller frame I notice famous Rabbi Manis friedman who also flew in to be Menachem avel the Fellers and the lews.

  • 3. Mendel wrote:

    Rabbi Manis friedman Rabbi Moshe Feller’s right hand man and dean of bais chana women’s institute who was mekarev thousand of women to yiddishkeit , also came with the
    Vice chairman.

  • 4. Esther Michael wrote:

    Mrs. Feller was a shlucha par excellance. She was a very patient person. She was kind and mekarev to many.

  • 5. Makshin wrote:

    Editor thought that mention of Rabbi Kotlarsky supersedes mentioning anyone else in the photo. Even if it is the illustrious Rabbi Friedman.


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