Picture of the Day: Washington, DC

President Donald Trump‘s daughter, Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner walk to the Chabad Shul in Washington D.C. with their two children on the first day of Sukkos. In Jared’s hand is a lulav and a Kfar Chabad Esrog.


  • 4. to Ch'er wrote:

    Not enough that you are such a loser to post such an ignoramus comment, you made sure to post it also on colive also, just in case….

    You obviously are anything BUT a true chabadnik.

    That said, in case you come out of your cocoon and truly don’t know (99.9% possible) then you should know many frum men consider themselves Modern Orthodox and in those circles do not wear a kippa in public.

    Yes it is OK, I know not for you, but it truly is OK, and the Rebbe respected all.

  • 7. you need better glasses wrote:

    I see Jared, His wife with a head covering and a lulav and esrog.

    • 9. Think before you talk/write wrote:


      She was converted by orthodox rabbis.

      People should be careful with their words. It is a good idea to pause and think before speaking in public (which a forum like this is akin to).

    • 11. just another jew wrote:

      i truly hope that you soon get well soon……… so soon after yom kippor and lashon hara begins….for your well being, do not judge……. i wish for you to feel better and get well soon…… enjoy and benefit from both the holidays AND your friends…….. peace

    • 12. Milhouse wrote:

      She converted before a kosher beis din. Reputedly including both R Chatzkel Lookstein and R Hershel Shachter, both great talmidei chachomim and kosher dayonim. The beis din determined that she had sincerely accepted the obligation to observe mitzvos, and observed her performing a kosher tevillah. That makes her Jewish. End of story.

    • 13. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

      Excuse my ignorance, but I read, OK in a gossip magazine which is not a reliable source of info I admit, that Ivanka converted before she married Jared. If she’s not a Jew then why is everyone saying she is and what is she doing at the shul?

  • 15. www wrote:

    #4, you really are good at
    writing in a condescending way.
    Even if you’re right, I think that the Rebbe also loved each person (as the Besht, etc) and would never speak in such a way.
    who raised you to talk like that

  • 16. Why posting Yom Tov photos? wrote:

    It’s nice to hear of yidden going to shut on yom too and I’m happy that he has his own esrog. Now why are we sharing photos that were taken on yom tov?

    • 17. Milhouse wrote:

      Why not? Presumably the photographer was a goy, who has no obligation to observe yomtov, so what’s your objection to posting his or her work?

  • 18. The kangeroo wrote:

    Shlomo wrote; even his friends hate a poor man, and the lovers of the rich are many.


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