Picture of the Day: Only the Best for the King

The King of Jewish Music, Mordechai Ben David, was spotted purchasing a Kfar Chabad Esrog at Bingo Wholesale in Borough Park.


  • 1. Go Kfar Chabad Esrogim wrote:

    MBD is setting the right example, if u wana get a beautiful Yanover – Calabria Esrog your gona have tone get the Kfar Chabad Yanover, they were originally from Calabria & replanted in the Holy Land, bec of what happened this year with the Calabria esrogim in Calabria, Italy, this year we will have to get Kfar Chabad & I’m sure if u have $$$ & u could spend $500 or more on an Esrog I’m sure u will find very beautiful ones for the price your willing to pay, u don’t have to be in a box & say only from Italy will I buy & not from The Holy Land, this year we must buy from Kfar Chabad it’s our only hope, BE”H this year may we celebrate Sukkot in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh with Melech HaMoshiach Now !!!

  • 2. Very nice wrote:

    But MBD is absolutely not the king of Jewish Music. Maybe for Ashkenaziim but not for Sepharadiim.


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