Picture of the Day: Rules of Conduct

A new set of rules for proper conduct inside 770 has been posted by the Gaboim. Do you agree with all of them? Anything missing from the list? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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  • 1. stop the crackpots from tzfas wrote:

    making it a regular shul without all the meshichists chants and signs so we can go back to ravening in a shul not a cult

  • 3. Fresser Rebbe wrote:

    in regards to # 12, ” not to make announcements, with out permission” i am wondering, is the announcing Yechi, is it considered a Hachraza, if yes, do the Gabbayim need to give permission for this, do they give permission, what ever the answer to the above question may be, could their decision on this matter be over ruled, and if yes, by whom.

    • 5. CR wrote:

      The “Yechi” announcements have been a regular practice in 770 and in plenty of Lubavitch communities for the past 25 years at least. Agree with it or not, it is a well established minhag.

    • 6. Permission wrote:

      There is no need for permission for yechi it was encouraged by the Rebbe so just like u don’t need permission to daven so to for yechi

  • 7. no colecting tzedaka??? wrote:

    no more people asking 4 tzedaka? or no more asking 4 tzedaka unless a cut goes 2 770?

    • 8. not anti tzedakah wrote:

      In the viber shul, pushkas as put out all over the place with no identifying marks (ok the pink ones are for the daily shiurim with real teachers). People think they are donating to the shul when they put their hard earned maiser money in the unmarked puskas, but the money is being collected by certain people who sit in 770 all day abusing others who come in, bribing the cleaning ladies and – I kid you not – hiring guards to protect their turf!!!!
      This is very different from the people who walk around jiggling their coins to get your attention. At least you know who they are, and no one thinks that the money they give to the schnoreres is for the shul.

  • 11. Yechiel wrote:

    The police need to escort all beggers tomorrow morning!
    Only police force can do this!

  • 12. to be added wrote:

    1) No talking while your part of a minyan
    2) Cell phones must be placed on Silent
    3) No talking on Cell phones while part of a minyan
    4) Please exit shul if you must speak on your cell
    5)Clean up after yourself if eating or drinking in Shul

    • 13. Berel wrote:

      a rule a day
      I love rules
      I wish there were more rules
      nothing makes me happier than a fresh list of rules

      what else can we come up with

  • 16. cholentmitkugel wrote:

    That’s NOT how you spell Synagogue! Silly poster.
    #3…Really, you are not permitted to damage the “books”. Gee, I wasn’t aware of that edict! Thanks for posting! Ahhh…now everything is good in the world..

  • 18. Make 770 great again wrote:

    1) synagogue is spelt wrong
    2) they need the rules in French, pretty much only applies to them

  • 20. Funny wrote:

    Funny. I just saw R’ Menachem Gerlitzky smoking outside 770 yesterday.

    • 21. Do as I Say, Not as I Do wrote:

      And Mayor DeBlasio was caught on camera jay walking. Rule making for others is always easier.

  • 23. Yankel Todres wrote:

    “Perimeter”, not “Parameter”! (Get someone who actually knows how to speak English to translate for you.)

  • 24. Mendy wrote:


    we need sign like this?


  • 25. Illiterates wrote:

    For goodness sake at least use spellcheck when you promulgate a notice in public!
    How many times is Synagogue spelt incorrectly –

  • 28. 2 QUESTIONS! wrote:

    1) rule # 12, what is someone supposed to do after a farbrengen ? how could he not sleep in shul ?
    2) why don’t they make another rule and say: no being violent in shul and no saying yechi in shul ??

    • 29. Encouraged wrote:

      I’m sorry to let j know that the Rebbe himself encouraged the singing of yechi in 770 so u can’t make a rule not the say it

  • 31. Synaguge? wrote:

    Should be Synagogue, or better yet SHUL.
    Aside from that, I love this.
    It’s about time we show proper respect for 770. It should not look like a homeless shelter, or a hoarder’s residence, with bags and packages on the benches, and under the benches, and leftover coffee and remnants of breakfast, lunch and dinner all over the place.

  • 32. Please specify who can give permission. wrote:

    And permission should be in writing – maybe via a business card that reads:

    is authorized to use the (section) _________ of shul
    on (Date and Time) _______________
    Recurring? Yes/No Frequency___________
    for a (shiur / kids rally / shidduch meeting /etc) _____
    Authorized by_____________
    Expires _________________

  • 33. Baruch Hashem! wrote:

    This is desperately needed in the women’s shul!
    Thank you whoever came up with this idea.
    Can you add something about the food that is served on shabbos, and yamei depraga – looks like some of it is home made, there needs to be strict rules about were the food comes from to insure it meets the strictest kashrus standards.

  • 34. Proofreader wrote:

    Some English corrections:
    (1) “synaguge” should be “synagogue
    (2) in the last rule “its” should be without an apostrophe
    (3) the correct word for a physical boundary around a building is “perimeter” not “parameter”
    I would like to add to rule #3 –Books (seforim) should also be returned to the bookcase (in the correct spot) from which they were taken.

  • 35. #12 wrote:

    This is impossible to reinforce and it is an occurence as old as shul’s themselves. Even a time honered tradition!

  • 36. #12 wrote:

    This is a time honored tradition as old as shul’s themselves. From resting one’s head on the table during the day to sleeping on a bench at night.

  • 37. Great Dane wrote:

    To me, rules 1 and 12 seem like what would be posted in Sodom. The rest seem fine.

  • 39. Yerachmiel Altman wrote:

    How about respect for the halachos of davening? How about no talking during tefilah? HOW ABOUT LISTENING TO THE PART OF TANYA WE ARE READING currently (not to mention the shulchan aaruch or the siddur).

    It’s a great list for the physical upkeep of the shul – but where is the ruchnios part???

  • 42. Would the Rebbe have agreed to posting these new rules?accepted wrote:

    1) permission from whom? Names? Phone numbers?
    2) Who will enforce and how?

  • 43. Avraham Fried would add wrote:

    No cellphones. But all the others are semi-enforcable…
    I hear some shuls have a jammer in their shuls.

  • 46. Josh L wrote:

    1. If you are going to use english terms, spell them correctly – synagogue

    2. It doesn’t matter whether people agree with the rules as much as people want to see them actually enforced first

  • 47. Fresser Rebbe wrote:

    @ #34…

    The problem with a Jammer would be if Chas Veshalom there is an Emergency, extremely not a responsible thing to do.

    • 48. Yes wrote:

      That and that is against Federal Law to do so.

      It’s likely a complete bubba maise

  • 49. another rule wrote:

    Here’s another rule, don’t waive such large yellow flags that smack people in the face! But since those who waive the flags couldn’t care less about anything other than expressing themselves that it’s at the expensive of others is irrelevant to them, and they will not be told what to do. After all, it is their flag waiving and chanting that will bring the hisgalos, so must be done at all costs. if it is m’rahchyk yiddin from Chabad and limud ha’chasidus, makes 770 into a circus atmosphere R”L or entails physically hitting someone in the face that is not a concern!.

  • 50. to all the anti meshichists wrote:

    Yechi is not a rule, it’s a belief. You call it nuts? Then did the Rebbe agree to something wrong?

  • 51. Flags wrote:

    ‘Ish al diglo” is a possuk in Bamidbar. No-one complained to Moshe that he is Merachek Yidden from Yiddishkeit

    • 52. Duh wrote:

      There were Millions of Jews but only 12 flags in the midbar!
      In 770 its hundreds of flags – if you count the pins the men are wearing, and the small flags the kids are waving.

  • 53. Yechi will stay forever! wrote:

    The rebbe shlita encouraged it evrey day in the year 5753-4 1993-4! There’s nothing you can do to make it stop being song, also the rebbe shlita said In a sicha by saying that… it gives koach to the king! So even we don’t see the rebbe shlita it gives him koach to continue all the good he deos for this world.

    • 54. not the same wrote:

      poeple then were giving koiach to the Rebbe
      Today you are making a schville for the Rebbe to walk through! This is avodah zarah Mamash!!

  • 55. This list is old wrote:

    Funny that all the people who are so worried about the rules In 770 don’t even visit…… This list is at least a month old

    • 56. it's not in the women's shul. wrote:

      Unless it was torn down by the kooks up there.

  • 57. stop the crackpots from tzfas wrote:

    the yeti does not help people wanting moshiach

    if the yeti people want to do that let them go to jonestown

    this must be put down at all costs

    the rebbe left gauche in charge and they say it needs to stop

    if your o chased then follow whom the rebbe left in charge

  • 58. Crown Heighter wrote:


    Anything yellow is forbidden from the shul (sign, flag, socks etc.).

    Yellow represents the Eigel Hazohov which was created to replace Moshe Rabbeinu.

  • 60. Physical / emotional abuse wrote:

    These rules are very much needed.
    But why is there no mention that it is ASSUR to hit, shove, curse and take videos of the mispallelim or visitors that will later be used to harass them? These are daily occurrences in the Women’s shul which must be stopped!

  • 61. A few suggestions wrote:

    This sign needs to be put under glass and locked as other gabbaim sign is to stop it being immediately removed.
    Rabbi osdoba complained that anything served in a kiddush in 770 especially food from home needs its kashrut checked. This was after some people got sick from a shabbat kiddush made at home.
    It should be added that no one has the right to scream and hit anyone while they are davening.
    That no one has the right to take over any part of 770 and scream and hit people who dare to sit in the part taken over.
    Cell phones should be off during davening.
    People should go outside to talk and not talk inside 770 during kriyat hatorah or davening

  • 62. CR wrote:

    It is a start to re-establishing some sense of order and civility. Ken yirbeh. Just don’t stop there.

  • 65. Shvil wrote:

    Did they forget the rule about the shvil?

    There must be a clear shvil (pathway) when the Rebbe MH”M enters and leaves the shul!!

  • 66. Ba'al Tosif wrote:

    The Rebbe was against such rules. Shulchan Oruch is a complete set of rules. No need for more rules.


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